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Purposeful Collaboration at De Palm Island!

Oct 24, 2022

Purposeful Collaboration at De Palm Island!

Embracing change and working together to save the planet prompted a collaboration on the 14th of October.

The University of Aruba, the University of South Carolina, Aruba Ocean Villas, The -O- Foundation, and De Palm Island came together for a great purpose.

15 Honor students from the University of South Carolina were here as part of an exchange program between the two universities.

Students from both universities learned about De Palm Island's sustainability initiatives, which address the key sustainability and climate change issues confronting tourism destinations, as well as the island's pledge to reduce its carbon footprint. That is significant given that De Palm Island is one of Aruba's most popular tourist destinations.

The students and a few teachers did a beach clean-up as well as planted over 100 mangroves along the coastline, that will help prevent beach erosion, absorb storm surge impacts during extreme weather, and provide nursery ground for marine and bird life in the future.

This collaboration was primarily an opportunity for the students to learn about mangroves and the benefits they will provide to De Palm Island and its marine and bird life. After a hard day's work, the students and teachers got to enjoy the rest of the day on De Palm Island.

A special thanks to everyone who was involved.



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