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Aug 08, 2017

The Aruba Tourism Authority is proud to honor family Back as Goodwill Ambassadors of the island

The Aruba Tourism Authority is proud to honor family Back as Goodwill Ambassadors of the island

Recently, Ms. Darline S. de Cuba had the great pleasure to honor loyal and friendly visitors of Aruba as Goodwill Ambassadors as their home away from home.

The symbolic honorary title is presented on behalf of the Minister of Tourism and Transportation, as a token of appreciation to the guests who visit Aruba between 10-20 and more consecutive years. The honorees were Mr. Gerhard & Ellen Back, residents of Hamburg Germany together with their daughter Ms. Juliane Back and her friend. The certificate was presented to them by the representative of Aruba Tourism Authority Ms. Darline S. de Cuba in presence of Ms. Miriam Rodriquez and Mrs. Gloria Janga activities desk at Costa Linda Beach Resort. The five top reasons why they love visiting Aruba are the wonderful weather, best beaches of the world, nice and polite people, good choice of restaurants, and feeling at home.

Their First Visit to Aruba:

„ When we first came to Aruba in 1992 we arrived with our four year old daughter very late on that particular evening. We are from Hamburg, Germany and our trip back then took us more than 24 hours. My husband and I were totally exhausted, so we just wanted to grab a quick bite and then go to sleep, sleep, sleep. Our four year old daughter, Juliane had already been sleeping for a while in our arms. In order to be able to eat something, the only thing we could have done, was to take turns in holding our sleeping daughter. Juliane slept peacefully on my husband shoulder and I cut the food and fed him and the other way around. In the end all of us fell asleep at the table and the waiter had to wake us up. Thankfully the traveling time is not that long anymore and our daughter, which is now 28 years old doesn’t sleep in our arms anymore.

Even though the trip took us so long to come here, we never would have chosen another place for our summer vacation, because Aruba is incomparably beautiful, the people are so nice and the beaches are the best in the world- it´s  just one happy island!!!!“ Masha Danki, Ellen, Gerhard and Juliane Back


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