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Oct 26, 2017

`The Creepy Clown’ is the theme for Moomba’s Halloween pre-party

`The Creepy Clown’ is the theme for Moomba’s Halloween pre-party

The Creepy Clown, scary and very, very creepy indeed, is the theme of the upcoming, terrifying pre-Halloween party at Moomba Beach.

On Saturday, October 28, guests are expected to arrive in outrageously fearsome outfits, hereby competing for the great prizes that are awarded for `Best Costume’. The fearful fun starts at 7 pm and goes on until 11. So get out your best and most intimidatingly clownishness clothes, start painting your face in weird, abhorrent colors and designs and step into the Creepy world of Halloween at Moomba. As they terrifyingly call it: Hallo Ween!

Entrance to the Halloween party is free of charge; there will be a DJ, a special on Fire shots and lots more at this event where terror reigns supreme.