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Aug 03, 2017

White Modern Cuisine Launches New Menu

White Modern Cuisine Launches New Menu

Chef-Owner Urvin Croes and the entire staff at White Modern Cuisine are pleased to announce the launching of a new menu at our Gold Coast Club House location. 

As Chef Urvin puts it, “The new menu is like a WMC renaissance. We’re getting back to our roots of innovative modern cuisine that is rooted in the Caribbean but fused with Asian and French influences that reflect the ‘melting-pot’ of rich cultural diversity on One Happy Island. This is the kind of menu that made headlines in the culinary world back when we first got started in 2012.”

Some of the prices are lower with this new menu, proving that ultra-modern, artistic cuisine and fine dining doesn’t have to be ridiculously expensive. Of course, some dishes remain naturally expensive because of what goes into them, such as high-end veal and lamb. Without further ado, here is what you’ll find on the new menu at White Modern Cuisine:


How you start your meal at White is an important decision, and we’ve come up with a choice selection of eight different starters to whet your appetite:

  • Buffalo Mozzarella Tartar: Buffalo Mozzarella, marinated with truffles, served with figs, cherry tomatoes, brioche croutons, carrots, snow peas, local flowers and a honey Asian vinaigrette. $16
  • Corn Chowder: Creamy Corn Soup served with deep fried polenta, popcorn, roasted corn, corn chips, corn crème and a corn croquette. $8
  • Pan-fried Scallops: Pan-fried scallops served with cauliflower and ginger crème, cauliflower salad, saffron tuille, radishes, pickled cauliflower and red bell pepper bisque. $14
  • Cajun Tuna: Cajun marinated tuna, served with pineapple leche tigre, curry mayonnaise, cilantro custard, bbq chips, sweet and sour pineapples, roasted bell peppers crème, julienne red bell peppers and onions. $14
  • Ceviche Tropical: Red snapper fillets, diced and marinated in tamarind Leche Tigre, pica di papaya, diced sweet potatoes, lettuce, avocado crème, tomatoes, cilantro, popcorn and cilantro chips. $12
  • Hoisin Glazed Duck: Pan-fried duck breast served with an apple and orange compote, pickled cucumbers, crispy rice chips, hoisin & maple glaze and a peanut butter powder. $16
  • Peking Beef Bun: Hoi-sin braised beef served in steamed Chinese buns, hoi-sin and orange sauce, sliced cucumber, onion chips and pickled carrots. $14
  • Beef Tataki: Thinly sliced marinated beef tenderloin served with cilantro, garlic and lemon aioli, honey dew melon and punzu vinaigrette, shaved mushrooms, pickled bunashimeji, julienne red onion, onion crisp, kimchi and spicy kimchi juice gel. $12


Our appetizers are designed to leave you wanting more, which paves the way for the following eight entrees on the new menu:

  • Aruban Lamb Saco: Jerked California lamb chops and lamb croquette, served with homemade barbeque sauce, Johnny cake, Aruban pasta salad, coleslaw, garlic sauce, glazed beans and plantain chips. $48 
  • Caribbean Shrimp: Panfried shrimps served with Caribbean ratatouille, pumpkin risotto , pickled chayote, spinach chips and homemade tomato sauce. $29
  • Teriyaki Salmon: Teriyaki glazed Scottish salmon served with carrot and ginger crème, tempura paksoy, wakame chips, wakame salad, quinoa and shiitake “fried rice” and a Hibachi ginger sauce. $29
  • Mahi Mahi: Pan-fried Mahi Mahi, served with causa potato, pickled red onions, sweet glazed carrots, glazed zucchini and yellow squash, alamata olives emulsion, avocado crème and Creole sauce. $29
  • Mushroom Medley: Mushroom risotto, served with a mushroom crème, mushroom broth, pickled bunashimeji, fried champignon, mushroom douxelle and mushroom chips. $25
  • Truffle Chicken: Truffle rubbed chicken breast, pan- fried, served with lemon crème, summer vegetables succotash, cream of celery roots, chicken and truffle ravioli, spinach, spinach chips and a roasted chicken jus. $29
  • Veal Chop: Pan-fried veal chop served with “baked” potatoes, sour cream, carrots crème, green onions, glazed yellow squash, asparagus, onion chips, green onion emulsion and spicy jus d’veau. $55  
  • Steak-Basket: Pan-fried tenderloin served on a bed of caramelized onions, glazed vegetables, home-cut fries, Aruban peanuts sauce, garlic mayonnaise and Jus d’veau. Tenderloin 6oz ($35); Tenderloin 8oz ($46)


Our chef’s tasting menus are based on seasonal or creative ideas from our kitchen team and from our menu:

  • 3-Course Tasting Menu: $65
  • 3-Course Wine Pairing: $40
  • 5-Course Tasting Menu: $85
  • 5-Course Wine Pairing: $65



The perfect finish to any meal at White Modern Cuisine is a little something to satisfy your sweet tooth. Which of these four desserts will be the right one for you?

  • Death by Chocolate: WMC’s famous chocolate lava cake, served with a chocolate brownie, chocolate panacotta, pica di papaya chocolate ganache, chocolate custard, chocolate crumble, strawberries and a Fererro Rocher ice cream. $12
  • Japanese Crème Brulee: Maccha tea crème brulee served with maccha tea crisp, yuzu custard, yuzu gel, sesame crumble and a melon sorbet. $12
  • Rice Pudding: Coconut, ginger and lemon grass flavored rice pudding, served with a mango panacotta, 5 spice crème, mango gel, mango jelly and mango compote. $8
  • Pineapple Upside Down: Pineapple upside down cake served with a pineapple custard, tart cherry gel, pineapple vinaigrette, butter powder and a crispy cherry meringue. $10



Besides dropping menu prices to make our unique dining experience accessible to more people, we also offer a number of discounts and specials throughout the week. Here are the specials patrons will enjoy each day of the week during the month of August:

  • Monday: Dollars-to-Florins. All day you pay the same menu price, but in Aruban Florins instead of US Dollars for a substantial discount.
  • Tuesday: 15% discount. Enjoy this discount across our entire menu, all day long.
  • Wednesday: 35% discount on all wine-by-the-bottle purchases.
  • Thursday: Half-price appetizers.
  • Friday: 3-course chef’s tasting menu with wine pairing included for USD $75 (a discount of nearly 30% from the usual pricing for those options).
  • Saturday: Build Your Burger: Select your burger toppings from a wide-ranging list to build the burger of your dreams for only $14.50 (served with fries).
  • Sunday: All-You-Can-Eat Mimosa Brunch from 10AM-2PM; Asian Family Dinner (Rijsttafel) from 6PM-10PM.

Ready to embark on a culinary journey the likes of which have never been seen on Aruba except right here at White Modern Cuisine? Call us at +297 280-0280 to reserve your table!

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