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One Happy Workation

Aruba - Your new office in paradise!

Your Happy Place is making your workspace the sunny shores of Aruba! If you're working from home, why not try working from paradise instead. This is the perfect destination to enjoy One Happy Workation. US nationals can work, play and stay for up to three months! Enjoy special rates, free WiFi, breakfast, all-inclusive food & beverage options and more.

Discover the island, read more about Extended Stays on Aruba, enjoy special discounts and access to local experiences. Your dogs and cats are welcome to join you in Aruba too! This page will tell you everything you need to know about your One Happy Workation in Aruba.

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Villas, condos & more

Aruba Ocean Villas

Aruba Ocean Villas

One Happy Workation at Aruba Ocean Villas

Hidden gem off the beaten path in Aruba.

Aruba’s Life Vacation Residences

Aruba’s Life Vacation Residences

Aruba’s Life Vacation Residences Workation

Your residence and office all in ONE convenient place under the Caribbean sun.

Casa Diamante at Gold Coast

Casa Diamante

One Happy Workation at Casa Diamante

Working remotely from home in a Private, Clean, and Quiet corner Townhouse at the popular Community Gold Coast.

Aruba Happy Rentals

Stay longer in Paradise!

A private villa or condo is the perfect way to escape the crowds and stay & work in our “One Happy Island”.

Guest enjoying the view from her room at Blue Residences Aruba.

Blue Residences and Azure Beach Residences

Work from your dream destination offer

Work from your dream destination!

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Hotels with kitchens

Renaissance Aruba Resort & Casino

Renaissance Aruba Resort & Casino

Renaissance's One Happy Workation

Inspired by the emerging ‘workation’ trend, RenAruba is now offering the “One Happy Workation” package.

Pool with jacuzzi at resort.

Eagle Aruba Resort & Casino

For business or extended relaxing getaway

Well-equipped to handle all of your travel needs, whether you are traveling for business or looking for an extended relaxing getaway.

Hotel room accommodations

Aruba Marriott Resort & Stellaris Casino aerial shot

Aruba Marriott Resort & Stellaris Casino

Discover a captivating tropical paradise

One Happy Workation Package at Aruba Marriott Resort & Stellaris Casino

Holiday Inn Resort Aruba

Holiday Inn Resort Aruba

One Happy Workation at Holiday Inn Resort Aruba

Lower your stress level by working remotely from paradise at Holiday Inn Resort Aruba with this special package designed just for you.

Aerial shot of Druif Beach filled with palapas during daylight.

Bucuti & Tara Beach Resort

Bucuti & Tara Makes Workation the New Normal

Bucuti & Tara Beach Resort just made the aspirational corner office a thing of the past.

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Frequently asked questions

Who is eligible to participate in the One Happy Workation program?
All U.S. Nationals with a valid passport.
What is the minimum and maximum length for the One Happy Workation program?
The minimum stay is one week and the maximum is 90 days. If you’ve decided to extend your stay while here, you can, as long as you do not exceed the 90 days.
How long will the One Happy Workation program be valid?
This depends on the booking and travel period of each accommodation, please refer to the indivual offers for the program dates.
How do I get started? Are there any forms I need to fill out?
No, you’ll simply need to book one of the great package deals.
Will I be getting any official documentation from the Aruban government?
No, since the maximum of 90 days is permissible for U.S. Nationals with a valid passport, you will not need any governmental documentation.
Can I bring my pet on a workation?
In most cases you can travel with your cat or dog, however, specific entry requirements apply. Please check if pets are welcome directly with the accommodation of your choice, prior to booking. Visit our page with tips when traveling with pets . Or more information, please contact the public health department at
What if I want to stay longer than 3 months?
As of now, the program is only valid for a maximum stay of 3 months. This may be extended in the future. For more information visit our immigration requirements page.
Do I get any added benefits with this program?
Yes, in addition to discounted rates on accommodations, many of the packages come with some special “extras”, including discounts on experiences and local activities.
How can I access the local discounts and experiences?
If the accommodation you’re staying at is offering them in their One Happy Workation package, feel free to reach out to them and claim your local perks.
Can I work from anywhere or just at my accommodation?
The island is your office, feel free to work anywhere.
Are there dedicated work zones at the participating accommodations?
Many accommodations have business centers, but there are no specific designated zones.
What is the Wi-Fi like around the island?
Wi-Fi will be available at all participating accommodations. There are also designated free Wi-Fi zones around Aruba.
How about my mobile phone coverage, are there affordable local options?
If you want to stay connected on the go, you can purchase a SIM-card from telecommunications companies SETAR or Digicel and purchase prepaid internet for the duration of your stay.
Do I actually need to work while there? Can I just take an extended vacation?
Working is not mandatory. You can spend your extended stay as you like.
Are there rules and regulations around the type of work I can do in Aruba?
You have to be employed by a company or be self-employed in your home country. As a visitor in Aruba, you are not allowed to render services to and receive income from an Aruban company or individual, as this requires a work or business permit. In addition, you may not perform work that include any activities that are illegal in Aruba.
Will I need to pay income taxes to Aruba for my time spent in Aruba?
No, as you will not be registered as an Aruba Resident, and your income will be supplied by a company in your home country.
What is the COVID-19 situation on island? Will I be safe?
Aruba is taking rigorous measures for the safety and well-being of our visitors and locals. You will need to comply with all entry and testing requirements, requisite insurance coverage, etc. to enter Aruba. You must also adhere to all regulations on island for social distancing, mask usage, etc. For more information visit our Traveler Health Requirements Page
What are the travel requirements for Aruba?
Visitors must have a passport that is valid for the duration of the trip with a proof of return. Additionally, a completed and approved online Embarkation and Disembarkation (ED) card. For more information, visit our immigration requirements page.
What should I select as “purpose of visit” on the online ED card form?
One Happy Workation.
Is there special pricing for the mandatory Aruba Visitors Insurance for the One Happy Workation program?
No, however, the insurance rate will be reduced even more starting the 1st of November! For more information, and to calculate your rate, visit
What if I have non-COVID related medical emergency or need?
You will be assisted by local medical professionals. We strongly recommend purchasing general travel insurance in addition to the mandatory Aruba Visitor Insurance to cover any non-COVID related medical costs.

Immigration requirements

For visitors taking advantage of the “One Happy Workation” program, it is important to take note of the most updated Immigration Requirements and Regulations for their stay in Aruba.
Click here to learn more about passport requirements, visas (if needed), ticketing conditions, completion of the online Embarkation/Disembarkation card process, requisite insurance coverage, COVID-19 testing requirements for entry to Aruba and more. You’ll also find details on maximum length of stay periods, including information for those visitors who own property in Aruba. And make sure to stay up-to-date on the latest Aruba traveler health requirements.

Liability release

The role that the Aruba Tourism Authority (the “A.T.A.”) plays in the ‘One Happy Workation’ program (the “Program”) is strictly that of an intermediary between visitors and the hotels/resorts that are involved with the Program. All products under the Program are put together and offered by participating hotels/resorts and not the A.T.A. and/or Aruba. The A.T.A. website contains links to websites of participating hotels/resorts but these links are provided merely for your convenience. On these linked third-party websites i.e. information on, amongst others, the different products offered by the hotels/resorts as part of the Program can be found. By clicking a link I accept that neither the A.T.A. nor Aruba assumes responsibility and/or liability for information, communication, and/or products, whether or not related with the Program, available on such websites. Additionally I accept that in the unlikely event of a dispute exclusively Aruban law shall apply and that in such event only the Aruban Courts shall have jurisdiction.

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