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Aruba Travel Guide App

Get this expert island guide with tips on places to visit, customized trip itineraries, offline maps, augmented reality and trip sharing.

Find out about all the island attractions, explore Aruba so you don't miss any of our fun activities!

It’s like having your own personal tour guide in Aruba:

  • Free download
  • Travel guide with top attractions, restaurants, bars, hotels & shopping in Aruba. Includes ratings, reviews, and daily updates
  • Intelligent trip itineraries automatically personalized for you based on your travel interests, trip dates, accommodation and the ratings of other travelers.
  • Augmented reality with island areas displayed in real time. Helpful travel info delivered to you on the fly.
  • 100% Offline (except sharing and updates), no roaming fees

Works on both smartphones and tablets, install it now and plan your trip ahead of time:



Learn About Our Island

From our dry desert to our Dutch-colonial capital, every part of Aruba makes us unlike any other Caribbean island.…

Getting Around Aruba

From our lively capital to quiet seaside towns, pristine beaches to rugged desert, it’s easy to go anywhere in Aruba.

Natural Wonders
Sightseeing & Tours

Visit our iconic sights


California Lighthouse


Natural Bridges


Dos Playa