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A Special Wedding…

What better place to celebrate the wedding of your dreams?

Fall in love in our magical wonderland of surreal landscapes, magnificent sunsets and starry nights. How about a romantic sunset sailing trip or dinner for two under the Aruban moonlight? Enjoy some of our Aruban & Latin rhythms at the many nightclubs and cafes or allow yourself to indulge in one of our exclusive Spa’s... These are just some romantic memories that you can share as a couple on our beautiful island…

Religious Ceremonies 

With the adequate planning and submission of required documentation, religious ceremonies can also be performed on the island.


  1. A written consent must be presented stating that both the bride and groom have attended pre-marital counseling and have permission from their pastor to marry in Aruba.
  2. An official statement by the pastor is required in which he declares that neither party has previously been married in a Church.
  3. A copy of the Marriage Certificate that shows that the couple has been married by a civil authority in their country of origin.
  4. Certificates of baptism and confirmation from both bride and groom, as well as copies of both passports or other valid identification documents.
  5. The wedding ceremony must take place in a Catholic Church.
  6. Bride and groom must submit all these documents 4 months prior to the chosen wedding day.

Protestants, Episcopalians, Methodists:

  1. The wedding can take place in any local Protestant, Episcopalian or Methodist Church, or at any other location of your preference.
  2. Provide a copy of the Marriage Certificate from your country of origin.
  3. You are required to dress appropriately for all “Religious Blessings” for example the bride can not marry wearing bathing suit or shorts, shorts are acceptable for the groom.


  1. Both parties must be Jewish and must submit a certificate issued by the Jewish Rabbi from their place of origin.
  2. The Aruba Jewish Cantor accepts Jewish status certificates from valid Orthodox authorities, Conservative, Reform, Liberal and Reconstructionist.
  3. You need to make a formal request to the Jewish Community of Aruba.
  4. The ceremony can take place both within the Synagogue, as in any other place of your choice. The Synagogue of Aruba is in a separate conservative-reformist style congregation.

The Perfect Wedding

Our main objective is to provide modern brides and grooms, with all the resources they need to create their dream wedding with beautiful memories to last a lifetime. ATA is proud to announce AWA- Aruba Weddings Association “Your Wedding Authority.” Check out the website auawed. com. This association has Aruba’s prized professionals in the field with years of experience and working hand in hand with AHATA.

Make it legal…

Choosing to hold your civil wedding in Aruba, can add the wow-factor and be even more impacting for your guests. A wedding planner has the knowledge and all necessary contacts to make this a quick and easy process, which is the setting we would recommend. The ease and peace of mind of knowing that a professional is handling all the paperwork for a minimum additional cost, is worth it.

Select an independent wedding planner or a wedding planner associated with a hotel. A wedding planner will handle everything related to your special day, so you can be totally relaxed and carefree. Our wedding professionals work with reliable suppliers and are responsible for all aspects of the ceremony and reception meeting all your needs and fulfill your expectations.

The Civil Wedding

It is now also possible to hold your civil weddings in Aruba. This would be held in the Historical City Hall. Couples who wish, may also receive a religious blessing after a civil marriage or simply organize a romantic celebration on the beach.

  1. All civil ceremonies are held at the City Hall (“Civil Town House”)
  2. The required documentation includes:
    1. Long Form Birth Certificate, with parents names, of Bride and Groom. These birth-certificates must have a raised seal. When the raised seal is secured, the documents need to be submitted to the Secretary of State Office for an Apostille (a separate document authenticating the certificate and the employee who signed the certificate).
    2. Certificate of No Impediment for Bride and Groom (also known as “single status report” or “negative statement for marriage”). This certificate is obtained at the Bureau of Vital Statistics or (for England at the department of Commonwealth) that states that Bride and Groom are single and eligible to marry. For Canada the couple that have never been married before can get a sworn statement from a Public Notary or Lawyer.
    3. If married before, a Final Divorce-Degree with an Apostille; or Death Certificate with an Apostille is required.
    4. Copies of photo ID of the passport picture page of Bride and Groom. Bride and Groom must both be 18 years of age or older.
    5. Copies of photo ID of the passport picture page of two (2) Witnesses, minimum 18 years of age. If the bride and groom are traveling alone, witnesses can be provided locally by a wedding planner
    6. The Aruba Declaration of Marriage Intent Form of Bride and Groom (application form provided by your wedding planner).
    7. The Aruba Declaration Single Status Form of Bride and Groom (application form provided by your wedding planner)
    8. Bathing suits, shorts, cut-offs and slippers are not allowed at the civil ceremony.
  3. All documents must be faxed (emailed)for review and then sent by mail or courier (e.g. FedEx) at least one (1) month before the desired date for the wedding. Please contact your wedding planner or wedding coordinator.
  4. The Civil ceremony can take place on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday from 10.00am till 11.30am and from 2.00pm till 3.30pm, Wednesdays from 10.00am till 11.30am. from 11.00am till 1.00p, on Saturdays is also available (this may incur an additional cost). 

Your wedding in Aruba

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Getting married in Aruba; perfect weather & pure romance. It is the ideal destination for a dream wedding. View Aruba wedding packages!

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