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04-18-2008, 10:49 AM
With the type of chaise lounges they have, there is no where to wrap an edge of the beach towel around the top of your chair to prevent the towel from being taken away by the wind. An easy solution is to pack a few clothes pins or hair clips in order to keep your towel anchored.

In-room refrigerators are empty. You can use them for whatever you wish. If you enjoy a nice refreshing cold glass of water, as wonderful as Aruba's tap water is, all tap water is warm. Pack a plastic pitcher to store in your refrigerator filled with water and you will always have chilled water at your disposal.

The resort uses disposable and washable plastic cups. If you like your liquids, the size may be too small for you. Pack an insulated thermal travel mug or sports bottle. I just used my sports bottle for water. Packed everyday with ice from the ice machine and then topped off with water. Stayed cool a good half day in the shade of the palapa.

Travel mugs also work well if you like to bring early morning coffee back to your room from one of the resort's coffee dispensers. Instead of using the small styrofoam cups, you can have a full size portion of coffee to get you your eye opener. ;)

07-06-2008, 04:44 PM
Our last visit we discovered with our refrigerator at least, if it was too full it just could not keep up. The armoire in which it is housed also became very hot. We cracked the door (in our case with a snorkel tube hanging off the top shelf) and this solved the problem.