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11-14-2008, 02:38 PM
Hello all. I have a problem that I hope someone here can help with. I purchased a ring for my wife at Gold Palace Jewelers in July. It has since lost a diamond. All the contact information I have found on the internet has led to dead ends. I need some up to date contact information for them. If someone is on vacation in Aruba that reads this. If you happen to pass either location could you please get an e-mail address so I can contact them. The addresses I have tried have not been answered. I would appreciate any help anyone could give in this matter.
A good day to all.

11-14-2008, 03:33 PM
I don't have the email but here's their phone # and fax.
phone 588-2906
fax 583-3699
I don't know what you have dial b4 those #'s though...I bet someone else will chime in and can help. cindyo