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02-17-2009, 03:10 PM
We returned home last Wed from our first trip to Aruba. It was a wonderful place. Thanks to all of you for your insights and tips on the island and its activities. Just a quick summary:
1. Bully drove us to/from the airport. Very nice gentleman. Please look him up for taxi rides.
2. We stayed at the Westin. Very nice place with good people. Tell Sam, the doorman, hello for us. He was great.
3. For a good horse ride, try LaPonderso and ask Patrick to take you on the ride. It was the first time we rode Passo Finos. I loved it and want to add one to our herd.
4. We ate at all your favorites and enjoyed them all: Madame Janettes, Old Man & the Sea, Moombas, Passions on the beach. Very nice. Still a little concerned about those service charges. That irritates me but what can you do?
5. Took the DePalm sunset sail. The waves were really bad at DePalm pier. They bussed us through town down to their other location. We sailed from there. Some people were really upset because the shoreline view was not as good. I was there for the "sunset" sail to see the "sunset" so I didn't care. Most of the time, life it what you make it.
6. They sure have had a lot of rain since beginning of the year. I guess there was a tropical depression somewhere which caused very rough waters for days. It rained a little every day and sometimes rain very hard. The rough waters brought in a bunch of seaweed. They have a mess to clean up and have started. The beaches in front of the Costa Linda and Bucuti took a very hard hit. They had about 30 feet of beach lost. Some palm trees and beach huts were gone. It was sad but when mother nature roars, you get out of her way. Even though they said they had "bad weather," I didn't see it as bad at all. It was much better than the snow and 25 degrees at home. The sun shined every day and there was plenty to do. I thought the weather was fine.
6. We took the ABC jeep tour. That was a blast. We went with Wendel. Ask for him. He'll give you the real story of the island.
7. My husband went fishing with Kent Gerber and his friends. He had a good time even if he didn't feel great. (Dramamine didn't really work for him.) He ate the fish later that day at Moomba's. It was nice to meet Kent and his wife.
8. I wish this economy would turn around so we could plan another trip back!

Thanks to all for your advice, wisdom and tips.

02-17-2009, 03:31 PM
What a nice report, concise, honest...thanks, welcome to the AA club( aruba addicted)...come again

02-18-2009, 05:56 PM
Welcome to the forum and thanks for the great trip report..!!!

02-18-2009, 07:58 PM
Glad you guys had a safe trip home. I'm really glad that we talked you out of fishing with us. We might have had 2 people chumming. Ha! Ha! Tell Hank I am just kidding. He really did good. He cranked in 2 wahoo so I thought he had it made and then he lost it. Most people get sick the whole trip but Hank only felt bad a few times and then he left it fly. Hope we can meet up with you guys again and then I will take you snorkling. Have a great year. Kent Gerber