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05-07-2009, 12:21 PM
Hello, New to the forum but not Aruba. This will be my 5th trip to Aruba:) I have read the threads, but never commented. I would like to put a ticker with a countdown of my trip, but not sure how to do this. Can someone advise how to do this? We will be arriving June 18th at the Tam. Can't wait!:)

05-07-2009, 12:50 PM
Welcome to the forum! :) Dh & I will be arriving at the Tamarijn for 12 nights on June 17 so I am sure we will meet! Just look for the two in my avatar and I'll be close by. ;)

How to: Place A Countdown Ticker In Your Signature (http://www.aruba.com/forum/f7/how-place-countdown-ticker-your-signature-32390/)

Let me know if you need any help with the countown ticker.

05-07-2009, 12:59 PM
:doh: I forgot I had changed my avatar. :rolleyes: Dh usually has the hat on to protect his "tender" head, but you would never recognize dd in that mask and snorkel. :doh: :D

Let's try this instead :) Click on the thumbnail to enlarge.
http://www.aruba.com/vbgallery/files/9209-5x7_jerry_n_c_thumb.jpg (http://www.aruba.com/vbgallery/showimage.php?i=698&c=3)

05-07-2009, 02:13 PM
ArubaLisa, We actually saw you at the Tam last year, at breakfast time mainly in the buffet. I normally stay near the room and bunker bar. My husband and his son went again at Thanksgiving and hung out at the pool. We plan on doing that this time so, I will look you up!!:) Thanks for the info!