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02-22-2011, 12:18 AM
What is there to do on aruba?
It is often asked - What is there to do on Aruba? This following could easily be the itinerary of a family while here on vacation.

They left the hotel at about 7pm. The horseback riding car picked them up and they went for their early morning horseback ride along the coastal waters of Aruba. By nine the family members were each on their mounts and slowly going across the craggy areas that saddle the coast line. From there they saw the entire hotel-strip to one side and the wonderful and vibrant blue waters of the north coast on the other side. Colors of nature in its wildest and yet most inviting manner would paint the memories of this family for years to come. A little sore in the rump - they dismount to climb down the mountain side and go to the natural pool for a dip in a secret "Eden" where only the few who dare the trip will go. By noon, the horseback riding car drops them off at the hotel and they all immediately head for the showers - pull on swim trunks and go to the pool. After the horses, a pool side (sitting in the water) hamburger and soft drink hit the spot. By three, the family has turned into a loving band of vegetables lying in the sun. A calypso show then the miniature carnival show top off the evening as they enjoy the breezy pool deck BBQ buffet.

All heads hit pillows early. No TV and no video games.

The following day, dad suits up the team. Walking sneakers, shorts and T-shirt along with plenty of sun tanning lotion and the "GIANTS base ball hats.

By ten they are at the Arikok National Park headquarters where they listen to the ranger explain about the wild life in the park and the differ fauna and snakes all along the trails. For the first time since birth, both boys quietly listen while small sister sits in Dads' lap. Then the walk that leads them through historic areas and the encounter with an old abandoned cunucu house and the small adjoining yard area surrounding it. It almost seems like a movie set - but the joy of it is that it isn't. Back to the head quarters and a something to drink and then they head off to the small ocean side snack restaurant by "Fountein". The fish is "same-day" fresh and eating fish 'that' fresh, made it a rustic, open air and purely delicious food experience.

Back to the resort in the afternoon and all eyes have a look that says "Dad, what about if tomorrow is a day at the beach? He picks up on it and so - it - is.

The following days are filled with sail boat rides in the afternoons, while Dad lives out his fantasy and SKY DIVES. The afternoon is filled with listening to how you can see the entire island while you float down and how blue and lovely the oceans are and that from the air the sand along the coast line is a reddish color. And on and on and on.

The girls have a shopping day while the guys go deep sea fishing and on another day they all go to Baby Beach and explore that side of the island.

One of the last days id dedicated to "Just Exploring And Driving Around". A movie they missed back home is here so they go, put on the 3-D glasses and enjoy. Exiting the movie and going down the escalator, they see the dancing waters show that has the multitude of waters dancing in the air as they are lit with different colors. They sit in an open air seating area and cap the night off with a coffee and a light snack. Then, a street-side walk to the resort and off to slumber land for the kids while mom and dad pack for tomorrows flight.

What is there to do on Aruba while vacationing? Not much, it's delightfully action packed - filled with the wonders of what to see and do and where to go - and perhaps most important, really boring when you need for it to be.

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The name and story speak for themselves.



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Andrea J.
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aruba vs disney = no contest

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Great story Charles. Thanks.

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Well put!

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I'll second and third that!!! Well put!! I can picture it...

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Charles, loved that...can see everything you discribed in vivid colors and wish more that anything I was there seeing it for real.....soon....not soon enough, but soon

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Charles, that was great! A perfect vacation!!!!:)