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01-28-2012, 11:32 AM
Werner was fascinated with the fishermen and how they worked (Toiled) at harvesting the sea. We discussed it and turned a simple but powerfully done photograph into a story. It deals with the jousting and the fight and eventual killing of a large animal that lurks underwater. This is a small out-take.

The large beast, whatever it was, was announcing itself as present. It teased them and when it did they knew it was large and in those teasing moments they looked sideways at each other. And then it hit.

It made itself clearly felt and very present.

This is the first feel for the animal that was stalking the bait they had dropped. It hit with a ferociousness that no-one had ever experienced. They had not anticipated such a massive power to come at them from the ocean. These deep blue waters had many secrets but none of those would have the power they now faced. The boat felt small and tilted.

When these monsters hit, they do so with a vengeance. it is really something to witness, especially if you consider the wars that go on between well equipped men on yachts as they fight Marlins and then compare it to a larger fish against a deep hulled dingy.

Obviously to write it, it had to be experienced and it was a truly memorable experience.

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Andrea J.
01-28-2012, 03:06 PM
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