View Full Version : In love with the whole thing and counting

04-15-2012, 07:40 PM
In a city somewhere in the world, it is cold and a couple go to bed dressed in flowered shirts and island colored baseball hats with shells or some such thing sewed or glued on them. They both wear sunglasses as they sleep - and sandals. On each side of the bed are two bags all packed for a vacation to somewhere. There are approximately 30 stickers combined on all the bags. They say ARUBA. To the sides of the bed are night tables - each holding a ticket and passport. He says to her:
"Need any?"
"No already did it" she says
They refer to the suntan lotion that smells like mango or some sort of fruit.
She says to him:
"How much longer?"
"Three weeks" he responds.

She says "GOOD NIGHT"
He says "Love ya - G-nite"

Outside it is snowing

Be well