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07-22-2012, 01:16 AM
A man came to Aruba some years ago with his wife. She was here during her youth and wanted to come back once again and, he - doting on her wishes did all he could to manage it for her. Being retired and on a tight budget made it almost an impossibility until something popped up on the internet and he gave it a try .He did what so many people are doing and bid on a timeshare in an obscure place in the Adirondacks and bought it for half of what it would have cost him for the two of them to stay a week in a hotel. They promptly put in for an exchange and got lucky. Before the trip, they did the normal things, like informing the neighbors about their up coming vacation and bragged to everyone at their local Bingo hall that they were going to AHRUHBAH both went for their yearly check-up, called the kids to let them know they were going and all the rest of the normal pre-vacation type of stuff. In the end, they packed and came to Aruba. It was a dream come true for her and an important time for the two of them since they had been talking about it for several years. He, of course felt great that he pulled it off for the slight amount he paid for it and was able to make his wife of 30 years happy. They did it all; Restaurants, casinos, rental car and all over the island. They enjoyed right up to the last second here. When returning, things changed. The results from their yearly check-ups came back and not more than a year after that, his wife passed away. During her last days, they had rambling conversations about Aruba and how lovely it was. She thanked him and let him know that she truly loved and appreciated what he did, since vacationing doing anything but trout fishing, was just not something he ever did.

A small "Snippet" of life. the wish, the anticipation, the realization and then the sadness.

He came back to Aruba three years ago. Looking for something, anything that would give him the feeling he had when he was here with his wife. He didn't find it but instead, - (Misery seems to love company) found something else. He went to the beach in the morning and was lying down under a Chiki hut when a lady came to him and asked him to leave. They got into a discussion over a towel that she left there because it was her "Hut". He tried to reason with her but all of a sudden, she started crying. This poor guy was very embarrassed and tried to calm her down. She finally looked at him and said "Damn - that always worked when Ted did it." He was further confused and it must have showed on his face because she said, "I'm sorry, you see we or I, own timeshare here and my Ted, he always came in the morning and put his towel under this hut to save it for us. The poor guy was at a loss and finally asked where Ted was and she let him know that Ted passed away. That led to him talking about his loss and between his loss, her Ted, the hut and the towel, they finally agreed on sharing the hut. They shared it for two weeks.

Another small "Snippet" of life. the hut, the towel, the lady, the discussion and then a common ground or agreement for two weeks.

This year, week 38 at a well known timeshare there are two people under a hut. For shade? For conversation? For what? Will they discuss that what is lost is never lost and expects us to be happy in our memories? Two people. They talk, they don't laugh out loud but they smile. They drink beer from cans and eat sandwiches made back at the unit. One unit, two? Who knows, Should we care? - Probably not but we do. From four there are two and a hut and two beers and sandwiches to eat.

A man came to Aruba some years ago with his wife, he did it for love for he much rather would have gone trout fishing. She misses Ted, yet ......

Be well and
Be kind to each other


Andrea J.
07-22-2012, 08:17 AM
wonderful story.
thank you

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Bawling my eyes out. Beautiful.
Thank you!

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as always beautifully put Charles. Have missed your stories glad to see you back today:)

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Thank you Charles, pass the tissues please.

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Love your writing Charles! Bought your book while we were there in April and found it to be just as wonderful.

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Thanks to all of you for your thoughtful comments. (DAH13 - Thank you for your buying the book. IT is doing amazingly well. We actually did not expect it to do this well. Your comment is very well appreciated.)