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07-24-2012, 02:43 AM
Two kids are walking down the beach in front of the hotels. A boy and a girl. Both seem to be about 6 years old and must be related because they are holding hands.

B - We're going back tomorrow
G - Us too
B - On an airplane?
G - Yes stupid
B - I was just asking
G - OK , yeah an airplane
B - will you come back again?
G - I think so - you?
B - Yeah - Dad was all upset
G - Why?
B - Mom talked him into buying a room that they don't own
G - What?
B - Yeah , Dad said that on top of that it was during a time he cant see
G - Are you being silly?
B - No really.
G - Weird. Why don't they just get a time share?
B - What's that?
G - It's a room during anytime
B - What room?
G - I don't know, you can't see it actually.
B - I guess
G - We better go back.
B - You got an I-Pad?
G - Yeah
B - Me too
G - Hey, mine has internet and chatty
B - Mine too
G - Wanna stay friends?
B - Yeah

TEN YRS LATER A boy and a girl are walking down the beach. They are holding hands. He is kicking at the sand and seems uncomfortable.

B - If I ask you something, will you tell me the truth?
G - Sure - What is it?
B - Well I was wondering ...
G - About what?
B - We see each other once a year for a couple of weeks
G - Yep
B - Well ....
G - C'mon - say it , don't be stupid
B - Well .....
G - You must be getting old. Spit it out dummy.
B - OK , OK Well, Have you kissed anyone?
G - GEEEEEZ Jimminy Crackers you are a trip.
B - Well have you?
G - What do you think I am?
B - What do you mean?
G - It's you and me stupid. Since we were kids dummy.

The boy lets go of her hand and skips down the beach and then dives into the shore water. It is shallow and he scrapes his chest on the bottom. He comes out holding his chest and looking ashamed.

G - That hurt didn't it?
B - Yeah, hey are you leaving tomorrow?
G - Yep
B - Are your parents eating with mine tomight?
G - I think so, they have been for a bunch of years on the last day
B - Yeah
B - I am going to ask your father tonight
G - What?
B - If I can kiss you

The girl starts laughing and wraps her arms around her chest while looking up

B - What?
G - I am going to marry an idiot

The boy looks hurt

B - Who is he?

Twenty years Later, a young couple is walking down the beach while holding hands

B - I love this place
G - It has been so nice to us. YOu know what?
B - What?
G - I love Aruba almost as much as I love you.
B - Really crazy about it then

She pinches him on the butt

He starts laughing

G - What?
B - A room that doesn't exist in a place he can't see. Remember that?
G - How could I forget?

She leans her head on his shoulder as they continue to walk.

Is this true? No. Yet it is and it happens all the time but in different ways and in different places. Sometimes the beach and sometimes not. In love boys skip into water and enamored girls hug them selves as they walk the beaches of a place called Aruba. Its a special place, after all, where else can you own rooms that aren't yours in places that you cant see?

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Loved it!!!


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That was neat...loved it:cool:

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Love it Charles. So glad you and your stories are back.

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Lovely Story Charles....thanks for sharing.