View Full Version : Aruba 2005

02-02-2015, 04:58 PM

Andrea J.
02-02-2015, 07:10 PM
your photos are terrific
thank you so much for sharing
we have lots of great photographers here
and some are award/prize winners

here is a photo of yours that show RAIN cloud perfectly
it is a prime example (athough over water) where one can see a batch of rain in a very small area.....
it happens like this over land in aruba.
often it could be raining over your partner in one louge on the beach and not raining on you!



02-02-2015, 07:34 PM
Thank you very much Andrea! I just love looking at others photos so I thought I would share more of mine since you put out the request.Thank you for pointing out the rain cloud and yes, we have had that happen to us before! I still have 5 more batches of photos to sort through so there will be more coming!

02-05-2015, 02:35 PM
Gorgeous picture - even with the little bit of rain :)