View Full Version : Wakeboarding at Palm Beach

02-02-2015, 08:28 PM
This is a video of my husband. It's a little shaky. You can see the most of the high rise hotels in the background.

Andrea J.
02-02-2015, 09:44 PM
he is quite good.......the wipe out at the end was fun to watch ;)

02-02-2015, 09:53 PM
I have lots of wipeout videos from when he was first learning ;) I guess this is where I should say anyone who is considering wakeboarding, it's not as easy as it looks to get up at first. Jon is an avid snowboarder so he thought it would be easy for him, but getting up was alot different. He wouldn't recommend a beginner spend the time or money on a rental on the beach unless they inquire about whether the driver wants to give a lesson. Our first trip, the driver didn't really know how to give instructions so he was on his own and didn't have the best time. This video was taken after he had a couple summers at home to practice. Even then he was used to a pretty calm times on the lake, so he said this was more difficult.

I just go for the boat ride. I keep telling him he needs to learn some tricks or I'm going to stop going.