View Full Version : Tax for making cash deposits on non-residents account

06-01-2015, 07:29 PM
Just came back from my bank to make a cash AWG deposit to my non-residents AWG account. Have done this several times and never paid tax for cash deposits. Now the cashier tells me I have to pay 1.3% tax for every cash deposit on a non-residents account. Spoke to the manager and explained that I have neved paid this tax as I was told that this is a sales tax and needs to be paid when making a transfer to another account and explained that I can not pay the 1.3% tax twice over the same money (one for the cash deposit and one for the transfer). At the end see told me she would discuss this internally and come back on this.
This is just crazy, I mean when I withdraw cash from the ATM and would return this cash I would pay tax over my own money, I just do not understand....
Does anyone know the tax rules on Aruba (or where I can find these) and when the 1.3% tax applies.