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12-23-2015, 01:19 PM
Hear me give thanks

It is an evening during the mid 1800’s on Aruba and the location is in the back Cunucu areas. A small Cunucu house, similar to the many that dot the country side is painted a brilliant white shows dim lights from within. Outside, by the kitchen door are several dogs that seem to have snuggled themselves into one mass of hound.

It seems perfect, yet something is missing.

At the small dinner table a mother talks to her daughter. “Papa has gone to the stones to give his thanks. He has given Rodrigo permission to come since he is thirteen years now and is becoming a man.”

The small daughter nods and picks at pieces of her dinner. She cares not about Rodrigo. She cares not about giving thanks. She is five years of age and is hungry.

More or less two hundred yards to the North of the house is a massive boulder. On top of it stands a man and his son. They both lie down on the massive stone and as he stares at the trillions of stars above them, the father speaks.

“I don’t know who you are. My you must be grand. Tonight I bring my son and I would like for you to hear me as we give our thanks. I am assured by the calmness in my soul that you will do that. I bring you my words of thanks for having kept my wonderful wife Teresa and our sweetest child Teresita in the finest of health. I see Teresita and am proud of the whiteness of her eyes. They blind me. Her soul is clean. Teresa has cared for us and always placed herself last. Be kind to her. I present you with my thanks for having her crossed my path. If it is you who did that, then I thank you.

Next to me is a fine boy. He is becoming a man soon and will help me in the fields. Thank you for bringing him into our lives. He is good. We will fish together and be next to each other during the most difficult times on the oceans. It will be good.

My family thanks you for me. You have made me a strong and dedicated man to his woman and children. They thank you for that.”

With that, the father turned to his son and said, “The universe is listening. If you have anything to say – say it now, but ask for nothing and expect that the universe will only take from you so that it may give to others. Understand?” The boy nodded then started to speak to the dark night skies.

“Oh Universe, I have nothing to give but to say thank you for having put my soul to be the son of my father.” With that, the father reached over and they held hands.

The prayer ended and father and son walked back to the dinner that awaited them. As they entered through the kitchen door, one of the dogs gave a low snarl. Once inside they washed their hands and went to the dinner table where Teresa and Teresita sat waiting.

As they ate, Teresita asked Rodrigo, “What did you and Papa do up there on that large rock?” Rodrigo quickly responded, “We spoke to the universe and gave it our thanks.”

Teresita looked puzzled and responded with, “Really?.” There was a silence in the small cunucu house as they ate their dinner. When Papa had finished his coffee, the young boy walked to his mother and kissed her forehead then went to his father. Looking at his sister he finally said…


be well

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Such a sweet story, thank you Charles.

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Nice story, thanks for sharing it. Enjoy the holidays and have a GREAT 2016.

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Another gem from Charles - beautiful! :thumb:

Andrea J.
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...............and we give thanks

you be well too charles

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Gave me chills. Thank you Charles

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Perfect time of year for your snippet
Thank you Charles, miss reading your stories
Dont be a stranger
Merry Christmas

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Thanks Charles...... you help me reflect on good things.... Happy Holidays!

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Goosebumps! Thank you Charles for this beautiful story! And the reflection what it is all about.

Merry Christmas to you and yours!