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05-29-2018, 07:37 PM
I have really thought deeply before posting this.

I make it out of total frustration with Do it and their non response to a customer concern. I had pypurchased. 6 burner CharBroil BBQ from them After several months some small rust spots appeared on the surface if the top cover. I visited Do it and spoke with a representactive in the section tHathandles cleaners. She recommended a particular rust removal cleaner. That afternoon I rested a small area and initially it seemed fine. I continued cleaning as per the directions. Within 10 minutes the surface started hissing and corroding. I quickly his,ed off the cleaner but the damage was done. i went back to the store and spoke with a Mr Kuiperi. He requested photos. I emailed him detailed pictures of the damage. I never heard back from him. I was back in the store after several months and had a chance meeting with 3 managers who were standing and talking at the entrance of the wine section. I introduced myself and relayed the story. One of the managers took notes including my name and telephone number. 2 months went by with no response. When I was next in the store I spoje with another manager who had been with the others when I initially discussed the issue. She promised to get back to me. Again nothing. I have sent several emails to Taryn Faro, the manager who promised a response. Again nothing. I am now reluctant to buy any major appliance from Do it and have just purchased 2 air conditioners and some kitchen equipment and another BBQ from their competitors. Their customer service is non caring and non existent. Be warned they lack ethics in dealing openly and honestly.