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06-20-2019, 04:00 PM
Hi everyone! We are very happy property owners. We own a two bedroom unit at Aruba Breeze Condominiums. Our property manager is retiring in the fall, so we are searching for a new one, hence my questions. Can anyone recommend a property manager who is paid by a percentage of the rental as opposed to a monthly fee? Our property manager took care of our utilities and expenses so that we did not need to get a checking account. Does anyone know a property manager who also does this? Finally, is there a way to pay utility bills without having an Aruba bank account?

06-20-2019, 05:38 PM
We use Prestige. We have been very happy so far. They are awesome!
https://prestigevacationsaruba.com (https://prestigevacationsaruba.com/)

They take a % of the rental income. They take care of all our bills. They fix(bill you for) any issues. The major issues they contact us, the little issues they fix and bill us. They are there for all inspections. Our utility bills are part of our condo fee bill-Oceania sends one bill a month-the current condo fee and reserve and our electric, phone, internet, cable are in the same bill but two months behind so everything is paid at once to Oceania. So I don't know the answer to your utility question.