View Full Version : September 19

Andrea J.
09-19-2020, 05:51 PM
Saturday ...the DVG has experienced a technical glitch and will be unable to provide numbers today.


Here is their announcement.

Awe no for duna update of covid-19 dor technical problemARUBA ORANJESTAD, 19 september 2020: LabHOH currently confronting some technical problems pa loke ta send resultadonan di testnan di covid19 pa DVG. Currently working hard for a drecha and technical problem here, because it's impossible for DVG to supply covid-19 riba day di awe.

Cifranan pa loke ta admission di pashentnan cuvid-19 den Hospital awe ta 41 person riba department di covid-19 and 8 pashent den Intensive care. Between ayera cu awe 3 pashent a bay cas di covid-19 and 9 pashent nobo to be admitted and pa loke ta care intensive 4 pashent a sali di ICU and 1 pashent nobo to be admitted den ICU.

We are waiting for informing the community Mayan diadomingo riba and cipranan day 19 and diadomingo 20 di september.

We are grateful for this thanks for the current situation with the LabHOH ta confrontation.