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10-10-2020, 08:28 AM

I was never a blue eyed beauty. No, that I was not. You called me ‘Comfort’. Odd I thought. Think back on us, twas me that called you to play. Remember? The others wore red while my garments were the tones of my maker. My feet were bare and you held my hand as we walked on innocence. My life was a waltz beneath the sky and my traces were footprints. I was not a blue eyed beauty, no - I was the one that said, “Come to me, I am yours. Let’s dance.”

As lovely as time is, it took me from twirling innocence and brought me closer to your side as you showed me the ways of the world. You said to me, “AHH my loveliness, wear these things and paint the lids of your eyes in special colors. Your hair shall go from the tones given to you at birth to the bright colors of gold. Others will want to be with you, just make your lips rosier, and I did.

And it changed. As rosy lips went to red and earth tones changed to gold, I no longer had to utter - “Come to me, I am yours.” As you promised, my life became a wonderland of excitement, I covered myself with a rainbow of colors as my arms reached and touched the skies. With years, the childhood waltz beneath the sky became the exciting dance of growth. It was a joyous time. Was it not?
Caught in the whirlwind and madness of it all my minds eyes dimmed and I could no longer see the memories of me when I danced the waltz beneath the sky with lips all natural and my body clad in the colors and tones of nature. I called to you and asked only that you return the memories of my childhood to me.

You responded with a hurting kindness, and during a painful time you took away the red colors and the paint on my skin that had started to stain my soul. You stopped the mad dance and returned me to the waltz under a night sky. When daylight came, there was not one soul there. All was still. And like a diamond light in my eyes I could see it all again.

The Earth had been bathed with a time that once was. Dolphins swam in the clear canals of Venice and plants grew where there existed only roots. Predators frolicked with their prey and blood was not shed. Ocean waters became clear once again while fish came from hidden places to nibble gently on feet that left love and not footprints.

I was never a blue eyed beauty. No, that I was not. You called me ‘Comfort’. Odd I thought. Think back on us. Twas me that called you to play. Remember? Say to me and to others that you recall. Say that you understand. Say you hear me when I ask that you come out from hidden places and gently nibble at my feet. Say you still love me as I once was. Say this and I will say,

Care for me - leave me as I once was.

I am your island.

Be well
Be ever so well

10-10-2020, 08:53 AM
Lovely words, Charles. Thank you.