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Andrea J.
11-25-2020, 02:07 PM
25 Residents +
2 Non Residents +

27% positivity rate

Casonan to cuminsa uploaded atrobe!

Casonan active awor ta more with 100

DVG: According to summary di awe 14 person recovering from covid, a total of 27 case nobo di Covid-19, say which 2th non-resident, (positivity rate awe ta) 27 %).

Active Casonan pa awe ta na 101, total di testnan haci na airport and hospital hunto ta 370, testnan haci na laboratory di hospital so ta 89, total di casonan di fayecimento relate to Covid-19 ta na 45

Averahe di casonan pa day abasse weekly ta 13 case and averahe di positivity rate pa day abasse weekly ta 16 %

Hospital ta reports with a total of 7 internal person say which 2th give Intensive care and 5 island riba general floor.


11-25-2020, 02:28 PM
Perhaps it will be determined that it might be premature to open things up on the island. Time will tell...:(