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12-06-2020, 06:33 PM
Hi! I had a question for anyone who has been to the island recently. Are there any supplies that are difficult to get on the island for safety and protection, like masks, sanitizer, etc? We are hopefully going to make it down in January and we thought to maybe bring supplies as small gifts for the housekeepers, our regular taxi driver, etc. Just curious if there is anything you hear that they need? Thanks in advance!

12-06-2020, 06:56 PM
So far we have enough supplies...hand sanitizers, disinfectant wipes, Lysol spray and masks galore. We also have plenty of toilet paper (stop laughing I know two people who brought tp back to the States with them). Any gift as always would be appreciated by locals. What I have done is upped by 'tip'. I have doubled my grocery boy tip each week, tip 25-30% in restaurants for regular good service and doubled the tip for the beach person who sets up my chair, etc. I do not say this so you will say Oh look at this saint...lol....I know times here are tough...and cash always helps people get through another day! Your questions brought tears to my eyes....you are kind!

12-06-2020, 09:05 PM
Thank you for your response! Good to hear that there is access to needed supplies! (And not at all surprised about the toilet paper!) We will definitely make sure to have extra cash on hand for extra tipping.

Andrea J.
12-06-2020, 09:44 PM
the aruba workers are indeed having a difficult time financially speaking.
many of the worker's hours have been cut and their pay rate or benefits decreased.

if you are served by someone who depends upon tips and you can afford to UP that tip...please consider.