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06-25-2022, 06:00 PM
Hi. I am an American who co-owns my home in Aruba with my boyfriend. I am trying to understand how to add my 1/2 of the home to my will (actually Estate Trust). Does anyone know If a property deed in Aruba can be transferred from my name to a US Estate Trust? If not, can you provide the name of an estate attorney in Aruba. Thank you

06-25-2022, 07:04 PM
Welcome to the forum.... and you definitely need the help of an estate attorney in Aruba.... but you knew that!

06-25-2022, 07:20 PM
I can ask our property manger for the name of an Aruban estate planning attorney.

Andrea J.
06-25-2022, 09:30 PM
Welcome to the posting side!!
Good luck. See what Robin
can find out from her condo management company.

06-25-2022, 11:02 PM
Contact a Notary in Aruba. He/she will guide you. We have been very happy with the guidance of our Aruba Notary. Mainly have your USA documents in order. Also the Aruba tax liabilities (upon your passing) are an issue you will need to explore and get answered.

06-26-2022, 07:08 AM
Welcome to the posting side Watergirl!