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Thread: natural pool jeep ride

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    We have been to the NP many times with jeeps as well as is a very very rough road and you need to be careful....I have been the driver as well as passenger and it is harrowing either way....and the last time we went, which was about 2 years ago seemed worse than any of the previous times....
    If you plan on going, yes...check tires, yes, check spare, use 4wd, and remember this....if you have a flat and can't get out, especially with a quad....the rental agencies will not come and get you out....YOU have to find you own way out, with the vehicle.....not trying to scare you, but want you to be aware.....
    we helped some folks traveling in a jeep one year to change their tire, got stuck on a sharp rock and tire blew..
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    Quote Originally Posted by Andrea J. View Post
    welcome to the community forum.

    Really?? you did not have to use 4wd at all?

    were you on a tour or did you rent a jeep and go out on your own?
    Rented from royal. The folks seem nice but I now understand why their wranglers are 100usd less than the other local rental companies.
    Ground clearance is the biggest issue for most vehicles.
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    We've driven to the Natural Pool several times but the last time we did the jeep just engine lights went off....nothing...walk out ? have the jeep towed ? holy smokes....or do what i did ...say some not very nice words slam the hood shut & try to start it again...LOL well guess what ...the jeep started we got out no problem and never drove ourselves back ....De Palm tours will do a private tour ...they drive...they bring snacks & water for the trip...we did 4 hours to where we wanted to go ... no worries for us ................Diane

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