As some of you may recall, in November we had undertaken to sending emails to Marriott management requesting them to reconsider their decision about not making the small conference rooms available to Aruba Ray Comedy Show. They had rented them out to various organizations. Thanks to everyone’s help the show returned in March.
However, we are now faced with the same situation. I can only imagine that if the Marriott keeps doing this the Aruba Ray Comedy Show will either permanently relocate to another facility (if there is one available) or it will just end.
I would ask those of you who have enjoyed the show to please send emails to the following people to explain how much the show adds to your Aruba experience (especially since Aruba does not offer that many evening entertainment options), brings in additional money to the casino and bar, and also is good exposure to the Marriott hotel for those who are not staying onsite.
Thanks to all that are willing to send emails.

Please email:
Karen Chastain Manager of the Marriott complex

And Leslie Prea manager of the Marriott hotel