Carubbian Festival
The minister of tourism and the board members of Carubbian have been prepping up for the official revamped version of Carubbian Festival.
The concept of Carubbian has been polished and refreshed!
This time around locals and visitors will be entertained with a closer feel of the cultural heritage from san nicolas.
Everyone who visits Carubbian fest will get to know the stories that were the start of the foundation of sunrise city.
The show will be themed “the rising of san nicolas”.
Different places, monuments and stores will be participating in the Carubbian festival to share the districts story.
The kick off for the Carubbian festival is going to be on August 24, 2017 from 6:00 PM to 10:00 PM.
Locals and visitors can walk through the promenade, go to restaurants like O’neill’s Caribbean Kitchen, enjoy artwork and murals made by local artist, pass by the food court to savor some local dishes and enjoy the music and shows presented by different groups on the main stage.
If you’re on the island on August 24, 2017 you should definitely experience this festival to get to know the sunrise city of Aruba.