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Aruba Nights Island Guide
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Thread: Our XP at Aruba Restaurants over the years - if you read, get a Prize at the end...

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    Junior Member vesposit's Avatar
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    Sep 2008
    Baby Beach, Pool, North side on Atv
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    Our XP at Aruba Restaurants over the years - if you read, get a Prize at the end...

    Ok my 2cents - I you make to the END you get a PRIZE:
    FIRST these are just my opinions, and things change... love to hear your xp here or other places to try...
    Some have closed during Covid ... and maybe some have gotten better... I add if my xp is Recent (R) or Past (P)

    R- Gaucho is out, was a go to, but gone downhill... shame I count this as one of best steak houses ever been to, but that was past... don't bother
    P- FlyFish... not worth the trip for me... maybe if you have a new girlfriend and want to impress her in the water table... ok
    P- Zeerover a must do... just don't tell your partner to bother washing her hair or getting dressed up... very very casual and a hoot
    R- Pinchos (same owners as West Deck) is my favorite on island, get there 30min early sit at bar, ask Jabin for corner table when make res..
    R- Anna Maries - very nice, $$$ but want a nice dress up intimate Italian great place
    R- Pelican Nest - also on my must do list, casual, in your swimsuit is fine ... get the Platter, and 4pm happy hour $5 margs are great
    P- Boca Prins - in park, I heard closed during covid... but if you drive thru park be sure to stop here for a beer and fish sandwhich, one of kind place
    P- BLT - not good for me $$$ and just not great...
    P- Azuro - another go to if staying near by, ask for table on the glass, nice Italian with a view
    P- Fargo - Lighthouse - no, no, no, get a drink and run... canned ChefBrdee from a microwave, such a shame... awesome view, but dont' do it
    R- Carlitos - boardwalk at Pelican... nice sports bar on the beach for a beer... maybe some wings...
    P- MadamJ's - a crowd favorite... had one great and one not so great meal... but I would go again
    P- Driftwood - downtown... been a few years but couple times been, great drinks, seafood, old school seafood place...
    P- Scotts - boardwalk by DD - bfast sandwhichs, brats, build your own bloody mary ... great bfast on the boardwalk spot
    R- Marriott bars - best on the beach... top drinks, great service, happy hour is way to go, not cheap but great drinks... MaiTai is my go to here
    R- Bugaloo - go to afternoon/night place, love to dance and here is where I go, beer is fine, rest is only ok... but awesome atmosphere, tell Stefi Bigcat said hi
    - Donut Boat Bar - o yea... go to - private island bar - its a floating private boat/bar for you... awesome afternoon... chk it out
    ?- Tango - not been, heard good things, going to try it out next trip in July
    P- Giannis - a go to place at least once, flaming spaghettis is a must try - a bit busy and touristy but a good place at least once
    P- Iguana Cantina - another no NO no NO !!! tourist trap - was in mood for mexican - got cold nasty food, water down drinks, the cadilac super top shelf marg was water down sweet nothing...
    P- Freds - was Fools and Bull (owners sold, moved, Freds is one owner new place) - very cool - again a must do at least once --- nothing like it...
    P- Solanio - Ritz Italian - famous chain - very very nice dinner here - one of our best... MUCH better than the BLT for us
    P- Ruths Chris - yea its a Ruth Chris... what you expect nice - we sit at Bar and share the stuffed Ckn night before home, if staying at Stellaris.. always good
    P- LaVista - Stellaris - best Bfast on the Island for us, over and over... $$ but the best I've seen big buffet...
    P- downtown places the lizard and monkey bars... all tourist traps, have fun but don't expect much... just drink and have fun... nothing more to stay, tshirts are the best thing about most of these
    P- Buccaneer - no - been once and neat place with aquariums kids dig it, but food just ok, not bad but nothing to remember - maybe better, give it try if have kids...

    -And you prize for wasting time reading my opinion is the BEST MaiTai recipe EVER... I was born in Hawaii makes me expert:

    2oz Barcardi Gold Rum
    1 oz Cointreau
    1 oz Dissarono --- this is the secret!!!
    3-4 oz Pine/org juice
    splash of cherry juice
    Shake pour
    float 1/2 oz of dark rum on top --- my wife prefer this mixed in ...

    TRUST ME... this is the BEST !!! I make by the 1/2 gallon and put in my small gas can
    when we go to beach... awesome to pour out of the weedeater gas can right to the girls
    cups... a huge hit.
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    Aruba since 1979
    Andrea J.'s Avatar
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    May 2007
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    What is the prize?

    what is xp?
    THINK.. is it Thoughtful? Helpful? Inspirational? Necessary? Kind? SIDTM
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    Senior Member Pegmeister's Avatar
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    Nov 2009
    Any beach!!
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    My guess is xp means experience and the prize is the Mai Tai recipe.

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    Aruba since 1979
    Andrea J.'s Avatar
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    May 2007
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    I did not bother reading the mail tai as I hate mai tai
    bad experience with drinking them.
    just hearing the name makes me nauseated.

    Quote Originally Posted by Pegmeister View Post
    My guess is xp means experience and the prize is the Mai Tai recipe.
    THINK.. is it Thoughtful? Helpful? Inspirational? Necessary? Kind? SIDTM
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    Pop-pop Brian
    Hi Ves/Big Cat, thanks for the very candid opinions of each restaurant/bar. I'm sure there will be varying opinions on most of them, but it is refreshing to read your takes on these... some old, some new places. Everyone seems to have their own "go to" places and sometimes we keep "going-to" even when they aren't worth it anymore!

    How often do you visit Aruba? When were you most recently there?
    Definitely some places I will want to check out when we are there next month.

    I guess our countdown is my granddaugthers say, who are very excited to return (after missing last year's visit) "only 25 more sleeps until Aruba!"
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    Senior Member Aruba4ever's Avatar
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    Mar 2009
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    I like many on your list. Solanio is now Casa Nonna and is out of this world excellent IMHO- Solanio retained its name for breakfast only.
    Trip 33 begins on July 15.

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    Senior Member cpjones's Avatar
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    May 2007
    Eagle Beach, Glitz Casino, Manchebo Beach Resort
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    Good information..... don't agree with all of the comments..... but love your format!
    A little nonsense now and then is relished by the best of men!
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