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Aruba Nights Island Guide
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Thread: A Tale of Two Eateries

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    I had a horrible experience at Matthew’s with a bartender at the bar. He did not want me to stay because I was sitting at the bar and wanted to eat dinner( my husband was ill and didn’t want to eat so we were staying close to ABC). I asked for a beer( can’t remember what kind anymore- probably Miller lite or Coors lite) and he told me they were all out of beer except for 1 kind ( no longer remember what it was) so I said no thanks. Then he totally ignored me- I left after 20 minutes- he was not busy. I wrote a bad review and heard from the manager who asked me to come back for a free meal. He also said they were not out of beer and that the bartender misunderstood me. Yah no way- they can have their free meal. I ended up getting take out from Ricardo’s. Sat at the bar and had a beer or 2 while my food was cooked.
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    I had an awesome steak years ago with Garlic Shrimp so I kept going. One year I waited 45 minutes for my steak and it was burnt. The chef brought out the steak with a smile and a guilty look on his face. He also looked intoxicated. I said to him, this is not medium rare. He did not say anything and walked away. The waiter came bye and asked how was everything and then said ohh your steak is burnt you asked for medium rare and left. Then the Manager came bye the table and saw the steak. He said not acceptable I will get you a new one. I already ate all the garlic shrimp and about 1/4 of the steak. He brought out a nice medium rare steak with garlic shrimps. It will very tasty, tender like in the past. I had a nice view but there were a lot of flies. I really needed to go to the bathroom as I had consume a lot of water during all this wait but was afraid to go because I was half way thru the steak and was concerned about the flies. I went and as I was walking back to table I saw tons of flies on top of my steak. The waiter came and put a cover on my plate. I asked for the check and have not been back since.

    The views are nice but some months there are a lot of flies, service is a hit a miss. I never had a bad meal there though.
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    We usually go to Mathews for Breakfast. I agree on the service. Its very slow. My Wife and I pretty well know what we want to eat. So when we sit down, we order right away. When they bring the food, we ask for the check. This might be rude in Aruba, but we have spent some 2 to 3 hours meals in Aruba, over the last 25 years, so we pretty well do what we have to do. I believe in Aruba, its rude for them to give you the check and rush you out. But we always have to hit the grocery, or have something else to do. So we are a eat and run couple. Different strokes, for different folks!
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