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Thread: About Venezuelan Tourist

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    Unhappy About Venezuelan Tourist

    We are visiting Aruba next september and we have some questions about how venezuelan people is welcomed and served in Aruba.

    II will try to explaint as better I can. We have heard some friends who have visited the island recently and they said thay have not good time.It´s because, as it seems, most of venezuelan tourist have visited Aruba short time ago aren´t polite and have being using their credit card in many ilegal bussiness. Do you Know what I Mean?...

    In my country we have a great problem.. .. our President and his poloticians. They have buildt an organism which has the control of all foreing currencies... of course dollars too.

    For example, the common people get some money (Bolívares - Venezuelan Currency) he have earnt working hard... and what happens??.. nobody can´t go to the bank and buy dollars, we have to sing in CADIVI (the organism.. check it out and you only have acceso to US$ 600 in CASH and maximum of US$ 5.000,00 in credit card expenses PER YEAR!!!!!. Most venezuelans have decided to visit a near country and try to look for chinnesse stores, where these people can pass credit card and give yoy the cash, but first you must pay 20% or 30%.

    That´s, my friends, why you may see very much venezuelan people visiting Aruba. In our case, we aren´t going to get dollars, we want to have a good time.

    I just tried to explain waht is happening here and why you may see people not polite around.. but believe me... we are good people.

    We hope, when staying at hotel or getting dinner, the waiter serve us as well as north-american or european people.

    sorry about my basic english

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    I've heard and seen this. But so far the Venezuelan people I met are here in Aruba to buy property and things to preserve their money from your Presidente.

    Be careful.

    Aruba's Novelist in Residence (sometimes)
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