Wow!!!!!!! I cannot believe all the helpful advice and tips I have received. Please keep them coming. It is obvious to see that everyone here loves Aruba and this is a close knit group of people. I am happy to be a part of it.
Cindy O: The advice you gave was fantastic. We were definately planning to do the sunset sail and I think we will go with DePalm based on your recommendation and knowledge. We will definately rent a car as well.
ArubaLisa: The link you gave me for the pictures of the hotel and view was fantastic. It is those kinds of things you can't locate on the internet easily and it's great to get that kind of help here. We definately can't go wrong with the view and we are looking forward to a few sunsets from our balcony.
Andrea J: Glad to hear the advice from someone who has stayed at the Holiday Inn previously. We were looking for a simple, clean, and safe place to stay. We did not need a five star resort. We did not do all-inclusive because I read some bad reviews about the Holiday Inn restaurants and we don't want to miss the great restaurants in Aruba.
Rob O: You couldn't have hit the point more on the head. Who cares where you stay because you are in Aruba. I agree 100% and I'm sure everyone else on here does too. I can't wait to experience Aruba because living here in Detroit with all the weather changes gets old after awhile.
Rick&Sara & Liz: We heard reviews of the Curacao tower being old and not as nice as the other two towers. We are in an Ocean Front Superior Room which guarantees us to be in either the Aruba or Bonaire Tower. I wanted a superior room for that reason. Thanks for the tips.

I know this post is long but I wanted to personally thank those that responded with some great tips and help. I will definately post a trip report when we get back for you all to read. I hope to be a common poster on this board so hopefully I will get to know all of you a little better over time. Thanks again and keep the information coming.