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Thread: Honeymoon in May 08

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    Honeymoon in May 08

    I will be in Aruba from May 9th through May 17th, just wondering is there anything that we must do? My future wife has been there several time this will be the first for myself? Also can anyone tell me which Timeshares seem to be the Best, considering price and amenities. Thank you all in advance for your help, and enjoy yourselves. Also does anyone know if the local Fire Houses are accommodating with tours and pictures, being a fireman myself I think it would be cool to see how the other half live?

    Chris C.
    Butler NJ
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    Welcome to the forum.

    Do you have a list of timeshare resorts from which you must choose?

    Perhaps begin narrowing down your decision by comparing the high rise area resorts with the low rise resorts.

    The high rise area is more congested but offers much more activities, restaurants, casinos and watersports within walking distance.

    The low rise area is much more laid back and more room for spreading out on the beach. Activities are more limited.

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    A pitcher of sangria at El Gaucho along with anything on their menu is a must do in my very humble opinion.
    April/May in Aruba - ahhh
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    I'll thank you for your service in advance, hoping I never need it.

    The fire department in San Nicolaas usually has their doors open. They seem like a friendly bunch. As you come into town, you'll see the police station and the firehouse is behind that. Turn right at the Gallo Rojo on the corner, I think (can't remember due to Jack Daniel's induced memory loss just now) but I think the Burger King is on the left side of this same corner. Wait, you can't turn there it's been changed to one way. Go to the next corner so the police station is on the right and turn right, next block right again, and then right again and you'll double back to the firehouse.

    Also, if you meet some of the refinery contractors in the evening at the Hotel Astoria Bar in San Nic they may be able to refer you into the refinery fire department. Sorry, I won't be there or I would introduce you to these guys.

    Be safe! Remember, a good fireman never steps on another man's hose.
    Aruba's Novelist in Residence (sometimes)
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