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Thread: New to the forum, considering the possibility of a hotel job

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    New to the forum, considering the possibility of a hotel job

    Greetings! My name is Kevin, I am a Chef in Nashville, Tennessee. Originally I am from the Hudson valley region of New York state. I have a 24 year career in hospitality and am weighing my options when it comes to buying a property in Aruba, I can short term lease. This has been almost two years in the making, between research and savings. Lately, I am thinking about looking into finding a position in one of the hotels, and perhaps relocating on a work visa. Would anyone happen to have any insight on this process? I am thinking about pursuing a job with a hotel chain domestically, and seeing if a transfer would be a possibility. I have read online that it can be a difficult process, but I haven't seen an account of a single person looking to relocate that is in my particular industry. Seeing how the tourism industry is a substantial portion of the GDP of Aruba, it seems more of a possibility for me than with other industries.

    Would love some feedback!
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    Welcome to the forum! I know someone from the US that got a job in Aruba. He was very specialized in his area of expertise. I don't know if he ever applied for residency. Good luck to you!
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    Welcome to the forum, Kevin! I have no answers to your questions but I hope you do find answers. Keep trying!
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    Welcome Kevin! You are correct...obtaining work papers here in Aruba is quite difficult. Jobs go to citizens first. In addition, most positions in tourist, restaurant industries require applicants speak at least, Papiameto, Spanish and sometimes Dutch in addition to English. Even office, kitchen jobs require multilple languages. You can send me a PM through this board and I can send you the name of a woman who I can recommend whose business is prepapring papers for work, residency. She would have the answers you need (not sure if a cost would be involved). Good luck!
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