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Thread: 10th trip to Aruba, our growing family returns July 14-22

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    Senior Member Bri's Avatar
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    Mar 2018
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    What a day! My ears probably would have been on fire with the up and downs, I really struggle with ear pressure on descent. Glad all are ok.

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    Aruba since 1979
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    your family did well with the inconveniences that were thrown your way.

    we experienced a touch and go 2x and both times at Tampa International.

    We were in the Bahamas a few months ago for a 4 day weekend and when we returned we landed at Tampa, and immediately took off again.
    The captain made an announcement that there was debris on the runway so we looped around and then landed again safely.
    The other time was many years ago, also in Tampa and again we touched down and took off immediately.......I do not remember what the reason was.

    It is scary!
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    I'm amazed at your patience with all the tribulations and trials you encountered for your return..... I'm also amazed that you were able to make time to keep us up to date with your trip reports.... again, thanks!
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    Thanks Chuck. Travelling with kids can be stressful and I try to stay calm and deal with the present. At that point being "almost home" it was just a matter of a few more logistics (and making decisions, including cost) to get us home in the most efficient manner.

    Sharing our trip via the reports here was fun. I'm not big into social media (I don't even have a FB account) so I guess this is an outlet to share our experiences with others who are like minded and can appreciate the specifics of Aruba.

    One funny footnote to all of this. Yesterday, we were having Verizon FIOS installed at our home. My next door neighbor had to let the technician into my house as he came much earlier than the appointment window and I wasn't home from work yet (I work in NYC and the logistics for getting home can be challenging). My neighbor called me and said, "Brian, I thought you guys were big ARUBA fans, but you're amateurs compared to the installer who is here!?" When I got home I met the installer and asked him about Aruba. He had just gotten back from two weeks on the Island (1 week at Borcelo and 1 week at Bucati) and then rolled up his sleeve to reveal a huge tattoo. It was the Island of Aruba shape with the Aruba flag across the Island. Below were written the words "One Happy Dude" and then listed were all the years he had visited including 2019 (about 8 years in total). Amazing. We had a fun time talking about Aruba and reliving each of our recent vacations there.

    He got everything up and running and our new FIOS is working well.
    You can't make this stuff up!!

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    If you fly a lot problems occur. I've been re-routed and delayed more times than you could imagine. You guys did good and made the best of the situation. Congrats on getting FIOS, they don't offer it in my neighborhood and I'd love to have it. Isn't it cool when you run into someone as crazy about Aruba as you are?

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