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Thread: Aruba did it again!

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    Aruba did it again!

    Guess this will be a pretty long post. Our last few days of our 3 months here are fast approaching and as usual I'm feeling reflective. Looking back over the years from our first holiday here to getting married here and spending 3 months here every year for the last 4 years I am still totally on awe of the island. We havent really discovered anything new this year as we've covered most of the island over the previous years. However, we did experience our first brush with a hurricane. I can openly say I've never been so scared in my life thank God it didn't hit here fully. What I can say is our friends who are locals were absolutely amazing to us. One checked in on us hourly and as we stay near boca catalina he even drove by to check the sea wasn't going to come up to where we were staying. I lost wifi during the night and when we finally managed to get some (thanks double down) I had hundreds of messages off them asking if we were OK. Following the hurricane we helped with clean ups and collecting star fish. After a few days there was a crazy day of waves which dumped a lot of seaweed on eagle beach, immediately people were out clearing the beach we helped and we thanked them for what they do to keep Aruba like Aruba. We've spent so many nights in Moomba and made great friends with the staff there (they even had us to their house for a meal). Kalins is our favourite place for cocktails and Mexican food and we literally go there as often as we can face nachos (I can eat a lot of nachos). We found Aruba racquet club and joined for a couple of months, great fun playing tennis with locals and using the gym (had to keep the nachos off). Of course some shopping has been involved even with the UK rubbish exchange rate I still bagged some bargains. The weather has been amazing for us give or take a few days and we will be heading back to the UK feeling well rested, needing a liver detox and also full of sorrow. It's no surprise to everyone we know that we call Aruba our home it truly is an incredibly special place not only from the point that it's where we had our first holiday and got married a few years later but the island and its people as a whole. Anyone coming here soon I hope you all have an amazing time!
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    thank you mrslancaster!
    i am sorry that we will not get to visit with you and your dh ...we arrive a couple of days after you leave.

    i am glad that we connected and that you were able to survive Matthew.
    Also too it is commendable that you were involved in the beach cleanup and the starfish rescue.
    You "are a local" indeed.

    Safe travels back to the UK and wil see u here and on FB.

    Again, thanks for your Aruba Story.

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    Thanks for sharing... and thanks for sharing your labor with the beach cleanup...
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