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Thread: back from a short stay in aruba.

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    back from a short stay in aruba.

    Well we are back from our short stay in aruba. Oh its beautiful, and was very sad to leave!

    We arrived in aruba on march 22nd after 4pm,
    we stayed at the holiday inn. Rooms were clean, but hey you only sleep there. we went all inclusive, not sure we should have, since there seems to be so many good places to eat.
    first night we just at at the holiday inn, it had been a long day, so we called it an early night.
    1st day Monday got up early so we could get a hut on the beach,(like hardly any left, god people must get up at 6am to get one...we are on vacation....)
    went to breakfast, did the beach, relaxed.took a walk on the beach down towards the oxadental, by the holiday inn didn't see any seaweed, but by the oxidentail it was like the whole beach was covered in it. YUCK! in the afternoon, went into town to do some shopping, for dinner we went to the flying fishbone. excellent! sat with our feet in the water, watched the beautiful sun set. just great!2nd day tues, did a personal tour with curry in the moring, great! had lunch at the hard rock (on my bucket list) went to the pool for the afternoon, just had dinner at the holiday inn, we had later reservations.
    3rd day, had breakfast, went into to town for more shopping (got my blue dimond earings) had lunch at the holiday inn, and spent the afternoon on the beach, stayed there til the sun set, beautiful. (got some great pictures..) dinner we had late 9.30 i think reservations. so we packed up as much as we could before dinner. as thursday we had to leave
    4th day, up to finish packing because we had to be picked up at 1110 for our 2.50 flight.... had some breakfast, and off on the bus back to the airport. very sad it was time to leave. I hope it doesn't take me another 14 years to get back!!! It has built up so much since I was last there, couldn't believe it. Next time no all inclusive, too many places I would like to try. Maybe if they just had breakfast. (our travel agent said it was all or nothing.. but I have heard differently!)
    a few sprinkles here and there and weds was kinda of overcast. We were asked to go look at the new time share, but chose not to.
    but I would really like to own time share there...... ah someday....
    still makes me sad to think I am not in aruba...

    Til my next trip.... believe me I will be hounding the dh to go back!
    _____Wishing I was in Aruba!_________
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    glad to know you had a pleasant time...the only trouble with Aruba is that the time flys by so fast it seems like you just got there and are getting ready to return home...
    Timeshares are really rather cheap if you look at the re-sale market on computer...bought1st one from 2 from resale companies for PEANUTS !!!! Take some time and look at some...I have had very good experience with GMACInternational.....nice folks...
    Anyway......nice trip details....
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    Kicking back and relaxing for two weeks, on the beach.. Jewelry Shopping and the Alhambra...........
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    Aruba Story

    I hear what your saying about all the nice places to eat. But I go All- inclusive and really like it. Always bring enough cash to try new places but am going twice this year.. Usually only go out for dinner, the food is good where I stay..
    As for the Huts being taken, I swear people always have to get a hut, I usually dont use one. I like to be closest to the water. I do like it that we never run out of lounge chairs, that would be upsetting. However, I always get up early, unless I stayed out and gambled to long, and I always put my towels on my chairs early. At least Im not hogging the HUT.. Just give me all that SUN!!!
    My last trip was for eighteen days. Now like I have told people before, Ive heard them say "oh I hate to go home" Ha they've been on a short vacation.. My theme is to go long enough that you look forward to going home.. The only downfall is that when you get home, your back on the computer looking for good deals to get back to ARUBA.. It's always fun, Glad you had fun!! I'll be there in 19 days..

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