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Thread: Danny & Patti 3 Weeks Oct 25-Nov15

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    Junior Member Patti P's Avatar
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    Danny & Patti 3 Weeks Oct 25-Nov15

    Well we waited an entire year plus one week to return to our home away from home. Flew out of Detroit to Ft Lauderdale, short wait to connect to Aruba. Arrived early at 2:00 pm, I excused myself to use the facilities and when I returned my husband had all luggage pieces in hand and we were on our way out the door. Royal Car Rentals met us outside and swiftly drove over to their office. Signed the documents and we were away. Stopped at Ling & Son's for supplies and in to our apartment in Malmok by 3:30.

    1st meal at Casa Tua, exceptional as always. Spent 3 - 4 days at the apartment just unwinding, enjoying the pool, bar inside and the sun. It did rain quite a bit the 1st week, mostly at night and one day until 1:00 pm.. no worries this is Aruba.

    Next we head to the beach near the Marriot and unfortunately the sea had a foul smell and was very cloudy, so we made a few trips into the Marriot pool to cool off. Bugs were pretty bad, I love to sit on the porch or rear patio to read in the early morning and too many bugs kept this routine delayed to the 2nd week.

    We have friends that work at the Holiday Inn so we spent several days at their beach and reunited with people we met 3 - 4 years ago. That's always nice to get aquainted again. They were hitting the casino's and cleaning up.. 2 or 3 jackpots. We tried and no such luck.

    My husband didn't register me with the car company, so I had my wings clipped for 10 days. I finally got p***ed off and called myself. Off to view new properties and area's building up. Spent the whole day driving by myself and decided to go down to Sabana Basora (s of airport). I made a left turn off the main road a couple turns inland and thought I was reversing my way back out.. What a disaster, 1st time I ever was lost. Ended up in San Nicolas and routing around construction 3 or 4 times, passed Charlies Bar and still couldn't get out. No directions on the detour. It's funny now, but I was sweating then.

    We ate at our favorites - Casa Tua, love that hot oil on pizza, Salt & Pepper, great burgers, Madame Jeanettes. Smokey Joe's. Tried the new La Cantina Mexican and really enjoyed their food, went back again wk 3. Thought we might try TGIF for lunch- went in around 2:00, 3 other tables and after 30 min wait, no waitress came to get a drink or food order. We left. From this point on we will not try any franchise restaurant. Too many other local eateries that are better for our money. Our host referred us to Chef's Table in Noord, made reservations for a Sat night and the food was exceptional. Will be back to that one. We spent a couple of Happy Hours at Bugaloe and La Cabana, really enjoyed the music. Missed getting to downtown for a meal at Jemanji's, on the list for next year. All in all service and food was great.

    Hubby loves to cook and he bar-b-que several times at the apt.

    On our last week, I started reading An Island Away (book 9 of this trip) and told my husband we had to make it to Charlie's Bar. Finally got him to go on the Tuesday before we were to leave. Got lost again trying to find it.. one day I will get it 1st try.. LOL We had to park pretty far down and walk back up, on the way I see the lovely ladies in the doorway's, nudge the hubby.. keep your eyes forward.. and I'm lmao all the way to Charlie's.

    I felt like a groupie enquiring about the author for the book signing, and we just missed him that day. So sorry, next year I hope. Charlie wanted to sign something other than my book, flatterer!! I have to say, we had more fun at Charlie's than we've had in awhile. Met Charlie himself, he bought us a few beverages after our meal and we stayed into the late hours of San Nicolas conversing with local patrons, the bar tenders and a real character from Curocao that frequents Aruba and is pretty well known there.
    Found our way out in the dark.. no problem!! Hubby was driving and not asking me for directions.

    Hit the beach a couple more days and last few at the apt. Finished the book on Thursday and cried. Cried again later because I had to start packing.

    Flight home on Saturday was delayed leaving Aruba an hour and a half (hurricane in NC), had a few beverages in the bar while we waited. Just caught the connection in Ft Lauderdale for Detroit. Made it home in one piece.. but it was da** cold on arrival.

    Time to start saving for next year.
    Patti P
    Next Aruba trip in [countdown=10/06/2011 1:00 PM;Paradise is indescribable]Count down:[/countdown]

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    Renaissance Island Baby Beach
    Thanks for your report Patti! I just finished An Island Away and really enjoyed it. Sounds like you had a great vacation. Good to hear that all the restaurants we like to frequent still have good food and service. We leave in a week and can't wait to be there. Thanks for the details of your trip.

    See you in Aruba!!!
    Next Aruba trip in [countdown=11/18/2011 4:40 PM;I'm finally there]Countdown:[/countdown]

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