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Thread: Just got back from the Tamarijn

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    Just got back from the Tamarijn

    Hi Guys,

    Reading this board was helpful for us before our trip, so I'd like to sharesome feedback too. We were nervous because the weather forecast showed rain for the entire week, but that turned out to be a non-issue. A few quick showers,but not a washout like the forecast predicted. When we got to the Tam, first thing we noticed was the plywood nailed up on the boardwalk in front of the buffet. They were anticipating a storm surge of some sort. I'm not sure if that's where the waves came from, but you could surf on them. After a few days,they took the plywood down, but then the waves got bigger again and they had to put some back up around the 1000 block. There were sandbags in front of some of those rooms as water was getting in. They dug trenches in the sand to allow the water to drain back to the ocean. We stayed in the 1700s and there was some beach there. Up to 2100 or so wasn't too bad. Not much access to the water other than that though. 2200 - 2500 there is a 3 foot drop from the boardwalk down to the rocks below and no stairs. Most people there put their chairs on the strip of grass between their room and the boardwalk in that area. I'll have to check previous years pictures, but it seems like there is more sand added between some of the rooms and the boardwalk where there used to be grass. People would put their chairs there because there was no sand or water access otherwise. The Divi showed a fair amount of erosion and damage as well. This was our 3rd trip and we are still sure to go back although beach erosion since our first trip in 2010 is very noticeable. Mother Nature is something else.

    Oh yeah....we went to Flying Fishbone too! That was great!

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    thanks for the update and photo.

    i am also copying this and posting in the My Aruba Story section.

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    Glad to hear you made the best of the situation with erosion and will still be a loyal visitor of the Tam. I appreciate your update and picture. Yes Mother Nature is very powerful with both beauty and destruction.

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    Wow! Thanks for the picture!
    Jacki ~ loving Aruba from NJ
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