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Thread: Our Virtual Vacation Together

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    Since 1980, and throughout the many changes, we still love going downtown in Oranjestad.
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    Donna and I had a terrific time at Lobster Night on Monday. Great food, good friends and all of it in Aruba made for a wonderful time.

    We are going downtown later today. You know where you and Priscilla will find me; on the stone bench outside LS. We forgot to clear up this important detail on Monday Lisa; who is the shopper, Priscilla or yourself? Just so I know who I'll likely be talking to when you come downtown.

    Just so you know, when we were having breakfast out on the porch this morning, Donna had one of the glossies opened to a full page advertisement from Gandelman's. I think I know how this is going to end, again. Lol.

    So Lisa, hope to see you and P in a couple of hours.


    Quote Originally Posted by LisaGrn View Post
    Priscilla and I finished off our amazing vacation in Aruba Monday night with dinner at The Chophouse with my Canadian buddy, Glenn, and his lovely lady, Donna. It was so wonderful to finally meet them and we had a great time. Food, wine and company were the best, not to mention having Harold serves us like the consummate pro he is.
    Alas, Tuesday saw us bidding farewell to the wonderful staff at Manchebo and heading to the airport for the flight home. Uneventful and we are both home (me to CT, P to Baltimore) and already texting and chatting about what a great time we had.

    Arubacon has come to an end but the virtual memories will live on. Thank you so much to those who took part in our little imaginary vacation and I hope everyone got some enjoyment out of our antics. If it brought even one smile to your face during these difficult times, then mission accomplished! Thanks again, Andrea and Walt, for indulging my silly idea for a thread! Who knows, maybe some day we can make Arubacon a reality! :-)
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    THANK YOU LISAGRN for starting this virtual thread!

    Fun had by all.

    Hope that all arrived home safe and sound.

    November 26 - December 10 Photos
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    We got home safe and sound, but it wasn't without some fun. Our flight to Norfolk was changed last minute to a much later flight, and then we were late leaving Aruba Tuesday. By the time we got to Atlanta it was after 8 PM and we were ready to hit the sack. We got off the plane and headed to the shuttle pickup for the airport Hilton. We got on and were riding with an aircrew that had just flown in from Seattle. Seems one of the F/As had just flown her millionth mile on that flight and it was going to be a celebration. When we got on we were informed of all of this and invited to the party. Now Pam and I are never ones to turn down a good time, so we tagged along. Fortunately the event was at the hotel in the executive lounge so we were close to our room and a bed, not that we would actually sleep much. Apparently the aircrew stays there regularly and had this all arranged prior to their arrival. There was cake and food and drinks, the crew had a day off, and there was much dancing and celebrating. It was an absolutely great time and a perfect end to our vacation. We eventually made it to the room and fell into bed. A couple of hours later we were back up, showered and throwing stuff back in the carry-on, including a pilot's cap, some wings and a flight attendant scarf. I guess we won them, I dunno. So we grabbed a bite at the hotel and caught the shuttle to the airport. Now our luggage was sent straight through to home, we had boarding passes, so we didn't have anything but ourselves and a carry-on. On to TSA Pre-check, very uneventful. Now I mentioned that our flight home was changed. We had to fly to LaGuardia, sit through a 4 hour layover and finally flew back to Norfolk. So we got home last night, exhausted, but ready to do it again. We enjoyed meeting everyone and all of the activities, and can't wait to do it again.

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    How did I miss this whole thing????? I'm so mad at myself for not following this closer! You guys had an amazing "trip"!!!! And Walt, "SAD" is the perfect acronym for, well, everything!!
    Pictures from our Oct 2020 trip:

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    Hi Lisa and Phrogg for locating and posting this old thread (April 2020 Arubacon). This was very enjoyable to re-read the creative posts from this virtual vacation. Especially at a time when many of these forum members are physically back on the island for vacation in December. This brings so much hope and it also brings a big smile to my face.
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