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Thread: September 1-14-19

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    Senior Member wannagoback's Avatar
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    September 1-14-19

    Didn't post during vacation since we really did nothing outstanding on this trip.
    Flight from Atlanta to Aruba was good. Went thru security in less than 10 minutes. Baggage out quickly.
    Our room was ready at LaCabana. Had a poolside room this time. It was convenient to go in and out by pool door but you could only sit on the patio and enjoy it during the morning.
    Ate at our usual, Terrazza, Tulip and Matthews. Actually one night we had a dinner in from all the leftovers from them. This year we tried Taste of Belgium. Good food but my eating has been off and left most of my meal there since we were going casino hoping from there.
    One afternoon we went up to the high rise to have lunch. Went to Salt and Pepper. DH had a grouper sandwich but I had an Aruban breakfast. More food than I could eat. Had bacon and eggs, cheese patty, potato roll, cresent roll and cheese.
    Breakfast and lunch we made in the room.
    My husband was there till the 7th. He didn't want to do anything this trip. Can't blame him. He had a stroke in August and is taking things easy.
    As to the stroke, always carry aspirin , I was able to get him to the hospital withing minutes of symptoms and they were able to reverse things within an hour. Doctors told me the best thing I did besides calling 911 was give him the aspirin.
    He was back to work within 3 weeks.
    Back to trip. My husband needed every minute of the three hours to get to the gate. DH was sitting in the crying room as our son arrived from Georgia and I got to spend the next week with my son.
    He too didn't want to do much. Went to the same restaurants as last week as my son had never been to any of them.
    Son started to get antsy so we went on a snorkel trip on the Octopus.
    Did manage to win at the Hyatt this trip. Every machine I played I hit. Not big money but fun.
    I didn't mention before, September is EMPTY. Our first morning DH said at 7, should I go out and get a table at pool. I said okay and was finishing off making breakfast. I look out the window at 7:15 and he is the only person besides the security person on the pool deck. We laughed all week. Had our choice of spots on the pool deck all week. Even saw empty palapas on the beach during the day.
    We eat early by Aruba standards but even at 6:30-7 we were sometimes the only people in the restaurants.
    Bluegreen shouldn't make September a high red cause there is no one there.
    My son and I left on Saturday. He had an early flight and mine was later but we were hoping they would change my flight to his but because I had the cheap seats, they wouldn't budge on my ticket and I had to wait three more hours till my flight. No problem. Son has Skyclub (ha) they don't take airline club cards but you can pay to stay. $42 to hang out in the VIP lounge was worth every penny. Grant it, I would not have had as many drinks I had if I was out in the waiting area, but sitting in comfort, having food and drink was worth it.
    BTW we were thru customs and immigration, stopping to buy booze etc in half an hour. Poor hubby.
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    Senior Member cpjones's Avatar
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    Even "did nothing outstanding on this trip" is major for those of us that were here while you were there! We don't do anything out of the ordinary on our trips.....but it's always wonderful... ..... thanks for sharing... and hoping 'hubby' gets back up to speed quickly.
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    Super Moderator WaltVB's Avatar
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    Most times doing "nothing outstanding" is the best part of the vacation! Thanks so much for sharing with us, hope your DH gets back to normal real soon!

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    Senior Member ArubaAce's Avatar
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    Sorry to hear about your husband's stroke but glad he recovered and was able to relax in Aruba. I was surprised that the doctor said he was glad you gave him aspirin. I read a long time ago that the best thing for a heart attack was aspirin but not to take an aspiring for a stroke. I just googled it and this is what came up.

    Taking aspirin isn't advised during a stroke, because not all strokes are caused by blood clots. Most strokes are caused by clots, but some are caused by ruptured blood vessels. Taking aspirin could potentially make these bleeding strokes more severe.

    Sorry for going off topic but I get concerned others might make the same call and it might not work in their favor. However, as in most situations everyone has to make their own best judgement and I'm glad your decision worked out for your husband.

    Thanks for your trip report.

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    Aruba since 1979
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    glad that your DH is better!

    really say nothing outstanding, but truly it was all outstanding wasn't it?

    we will be at laCabana in late Nov and the good thing about November in is quieter and getting the ideal spot at the pool @ LaCabana is much easier in the fall than any other time of year.

    thank you so much for sharing your story and that your husband is doing well!!!

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    Senior Member Laura in NH's Avatar
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    Sounds like my kind of trip. Early September is usually a little less busy since so many families in the states are dealing with back to school/off to college things.
    ​Laura from NH/Divi Village
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    Since 1980, and throughout the many changes, we still love going downtown in Oranjestad.
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    Doing "nothing outstanding" is what makes Aruba vacations so wonderful. We have become really good at it.

    Hope your DH continues to improve and that he will enjoy another Aruba vacation very soon.

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    Senior Member robin's Avatar
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    Nov 2016
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    Doing nothing sounds wonderful.

    Next September our friend's daughter is using our condo from Sept. 6-13 for her honeymoon. I'll let her know that it is really quiet that week. Thanks.

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