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Thread: Surf Club 3/7-3/14

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    Surf Club 3/7-3/14

    So we arrived from NY on 3/7 Delta - we sat in the plane on the runaway at JFK for 50 min, and leaving Aruba on 3/14 we sat on the tarmac for 30 min.
    Anyway, we got to the Surf Club at 4pm for check in where the line to check in was out the door. There were many people on the line that had tried to check-in earlier and couldn’t – they were given a pass to use the resort in the meantime (meaning they could start charging things to their room) and were told to come back. Speaking with the people on the line, they mentioned there had been a fight earlier with a guest and the check-in employee over the check in and the room not being ready– nice way to start a “relaxing” vacation. Once I got to the desk (about 25 min. later) we were told our room wasn’t ready. OK…. So we left our bags in the huge pile of bags by the valet and went to Ling and Sons (we had rented a car). We rushed through the crowded super market in order to get back to check-in, which resulted in forgetting about half of the things we wanted to get. Once we returned about 5:30pm we were able to check-in, and our room was great, I must say. Our view was overlooking the pool bar and the 2 bedroom so much nicer than the Ocean Club where my parents are owners.
    We spent most of our days with my parents at the Ocean Club beach because it was a lot less crowded over there. Although there was a big fight on thier beach because some people sitting too close to another group of people – very Rockaway /Jones Beach in August. Ah, relaxing on the beach…
    We spent one day at the Surf Club pool where my brother went down to reserve chairs at 7am and “tag” them. (The front desk had given out tags to place on lounges to reserve them.) Needless to say at 7am most chairs were already taken. We managed to get a few behind a row that had an umbrella in case we needed shade – but those guests directly under the umbrella closed it so we got no shade what so ever (really? They couldn’t leave it open and move to a place where there was 100% sun?? nope.) We managed to use the bimini that the lounge chair had but it only covers half of you.
    Please don’t misunderstand, the Surf Club is beautiful – if only it had half of the guests.
    The Surf Club gym was great – I never waited for a treadmill and they all had tvs (so no crowds there – thank goodness).
    We ate at the usual suspects – Smokey Joes, Madam Janettes, Moombas, Champions, Sushi-ya, the Lighthouse. All good.
    We gambled a few nights and broke even which is great – but again so crowded.
    The weather was good, it only rained a brief shower on the day by the pool, and one night it down poured for like 10 min, at which time we were already at a bar with a roof overhang – so it was great.
    It has gotten so built up and busy by Palm beach we never went downtown at all. We did visit my sister at her timeshare at the Divi Village. Her timeshare unit, which was a studio, is in need of some serious renovations, but we used the pool at the Divi Links and it was GREAT. No crowds – no hassles – overlooking the golf course – people were nice and relaxed.
    I have gone to Aruba every year for the past 10 and for me – and only my opinion, I won’t be back next year. It was too much work to just relax. I need a vacation from my vacation! Perhaps next yr when I go some where else I will appreciate Aruba more, but until than I need to explore some other options.
    Please ask me any questions you may have.
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    that's very discomforting to read that the surf club was not a vacation as you had initially imagine....especially since i'm an owner there will be staying for the 1st time this year. i guess they should really open up the beach and pool to ocean club.

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    That's just the nature of the surf club...way overbuilt, small area, too many people...yes it may have a great pool and what not but it is not Aruba
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