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Thread: Trip Report 12/1 - 12/8 (&12/9-12/10)

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    Trip Report 12/1 - 12/8 (&12/9-12/10)

    Just got back last night from paradise....and we got bonus time too!

    After a day of flying from Fresno CA to Miami and a night in Miami, we were in Aruba on Sunday! I got my first Balashi, went down to the beach and unpacked a bit. We had dinner at Le Petit Cafe.....ALWAYS good food there

    Next day relaxed all day on the beach then went to Azzuro for dinner, very good as well! Also ate at Papiamentos, Blossom's, Sole Mare, Aqua Grille, Ruinas del Mar at the Hyatt, J.H. Yee's Asian Bistro and for our last night we actually stumbled upon O Restaurant & Lounge (in the former Mr Jazz location at the Paseo Herencia mall). It was VERY good and very reasonably priced. They had only been open a few days so I feel we were lucky to have dined before everyone else discovers this gem.

    Saturday night was when the fun started.....I was watching my Fresno State Bulldogs win the Mountain West Championship late that night when I got a text from American Airlines saying that one of my 3 flights home had been cancelled (it was through DFW and they had like 4,000 people stranded on cots there because of weather issues). So I spent a few hours trying to get through to them on the phone but was unsuccessful....they finally called me back Sunday morning while I was showering getting ready to head to the airport. The gentleman was trying to help me find another flight when the call got dropped in Bully's taxi on the way to the airport LOL. Luckily we had a GREAT ticket agent who did her best to find replacement flights on other airlines as well. She found plenty of flights but only 1, 2, or 3 seats....I was travelling with my wife, 3 year old son and 89 year old was all 4 of us or none, we couldn't split up. So the best she could do was get us home through Miami and LAX on Tuesday. So I called up the Playa Linda and they had a 2BR available for us so we went back and got to stay 2 extra days!

    Although we lost our first class seats on our return trip, we made it home, got to enjoy a few extra days of paradise and most importantly got to avoid getting stuck in Dallas or even Miami....I'll take extra days in Aruba anyday!

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    Senior Member Arubalisa's Avatar
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    May 2007
    Any Aruba beach...
    Glad to hear it all worked out considering the lousy weather around the US. and great Aruba weather!

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    Dec 2011
    Could not have been in a better place to be delayed for two extra days. Better than being stuck at DFW, sleeping on cots, eating airport food and watching the snow pile up and the cold winds blowing around. Instead you got two extra days of bright sun, clear blue skies, white sandy beaches, cold beer, great food and a most relaxed and laid back atmosphere.

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    May 2008
    The pool @ Gold Coast Aruba, Holiday Inn Casino, Arashi Beach, Sunset @ California Lighthouse, Baby Beach, Our friends hotels/timeshares when they are on the Island at the same time as us
    Sounds like a great time... I never get stuck where I want to get stuck. Spent a few extra days in the frozen tundra of the Upper Peninsula of Michigan once for a business trip. I'll take Aruba over that anytime!
    -Eric, Karen and Mia-
    Aruba New Years 2017-18 12/28/17 - 1/3/18 (18th Trip)

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    Eagle Beach, Glitz Casino, Manchebo Beach Resort
    I always hope to get stuck in Aruba....l glad it all worked out for you. Thanks for the trip report.

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