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Thread: To all Marriott Ocean Club Owners

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    Exclamation To all Marriott Ocean Club Owners

    This is a message from Allan S. Cohen, Owner & former President of the OC.


    Introducing our new website for all Aruba Ocean Club owners


    This web site has been created by concerned owners as a means to communicate frequently regarding issues facing each of us as owners with the assurance that no names or addresses will be shared for any other purpose and has no affiliation whatsoever with the Marriott Corporation.

    We are certain that you will agree that we all love to go to Aruba to vacation and enjoy a wonderful rest and time away from the stress of everyday life, especially these days more than ever before. When we purchased at AOC, we expected that we were purchasing a first class vacation club resort from and managed by a first class company. Otherwise, many would not have made the financial investments required to purchase at this resort.

    ************************************************** ************************************************** *****

    Imagine buying a new car from a reputable dealer, having it break down often, and upon taking it to the shop, being told by the mechanic that it’s got a used, five + year old engine in it. That, in essence, is what I believe has happened to thousands of us who purchased something even bigger – a vacation timeshare – from one of the most reputable companies in the hospitality industry: Marriott.

    Many of us assumed there was a certain guarantee of quality when we purchased property with the Marriott name on it. Instead, we had:

    a leaking roof and windows causing mold and structural concerns
    the need to replace the metal roof several years ago and the entire flat rubber roof this year
    the need to replace the windows and reseal the entire building this year
    the knowledge that revenue was owed to Owners for years
    information that MVCI never disclosed to Owners about our building
    MVCI taking control of an Owners Annual meeting and voting against Owners wishes.
    MVCI not providing yearly audits as required by the By Laws for many years
    Please ask yourself:

    Was it disclosed to you by Marriott when you purchased your villa, that our building had been an abandoned steel hulk. According to Aruban government records, it was under consideration for demolition?
    Why have MVCI and the AOC Board refused to share with the owners the entire owners consultant report on the condition of the building for which we have paid over $70,000 ? Who is paying for all the repairs?
    Why did MVCI recommend a reserve replacement life for the roof of 25 years, when they knew that it was already 5+ years old?
    Why have MVCI and the current Board refused to allow us the ability to contact all Owners in order to make public our concerns?
    Why did MVCI take control of our last annual meeting spending funds for staff and a professional parliamentarian and vote their shares for the first time since we became an Owners Board to elect the current President against the overwhelming wishes of the Owners?
    Why is our Board paying legal fees against us, the Owners, for our legitimate legal challenges instead of defending our rights by seeking action against the developer?

    It is critically important that you join with over 1000 other concerned Aruba Ocean Club Owners and Learn for yourself what MVCI and the current Board of Directors have been doing.

    We must resolve the following issues:
    The increases in both our maintenance/reserve fee and the need for special assessments. While our fees in 2009 were outrageous, reducing them is appreciated but it still does not make them reasonable. Still I was told they are the highest on the Island.
    The lack of good faith so that we can be assured of complete disclosure regarding our Building and the costs incurred by Owners
    The importance of having Owner control and insurance that the Ocean Club remains as a separate facility and not be integrated with the Surf club
    The recovery of hundreds of thousands of dollars in repair and maintenance costs that we incurred because of the condition of our building
    The recovery of all lost revenue due Owners from vendors and Marriott sales space in our lobby
    The calling of a special meeting to make changes to our By Laws and our Board of Directors which will protect us and give Owners a fair playing field. Remember you Own this property!!
    The need for all owners to VOTE and not let Marriott’s vote control our future
    Please read the reports and make your own informed decision and feel free to call or email me with your questions and comments.

    For detailed information, go to our web site



    Allan S. Cohen, Owner & former President

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