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Thread: Bucuti’s umbrella reservation system

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    Bucuti’s umbrella reservation system

    There has been a discussion on TA regarding their new umbrella/shade reservation system. Bucuti’s owner, Mr Biemens, took part in the discussions and explained the new system. Evidently there have been complaints of people getting up early and saving an umbrella and guests were not happy. So, they will be introducing an electronic system where guests will be able to reserve their umbrella the day before. The system will have a map of all the umbrellas and they will be numbered. When reserving, the guest’s room number will show that the umbrella is taken.

    I personally wouldn’t like having to reserve the day before but since I don’t see us staying there again, it really is a nonissue for us.

    My post is just to give people a heads up

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    I like that they have a map to pick it out though. Great idea!
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    am I correct in understanding that there are no "fixed" palapas on the beach at the Bucuti?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Andrea J. View Post
    am I correct in understanding that there are no "fixed" palapas on the beach at the Bucuti?
    Correct. All umbrellas. It has been like that for quite a few years now since the last time the Gov't wanted to lay down the law on palapa use for all. I always thought it was a smart move on their part for the resort and their guests.
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