I know its to late because I already booked and Paid for a week in May. But I had no choice . I went on Home away from home and found a condo at the costa Linda (which is our fav place) anyway we go with our out of state relative. so I booked it and gave CC info and got confirmation. I was so excited this was going to be great (last year we stayed at a different place) So I informed my relative about it and they went a head and booked there flight...Couple hour later got e-mail saying this unit was not available.. now am stuck with these date and the only thing available was the palm which was also so much more then the Costa Linda but I had no choice...now I read on line this place is disgusting ... and I also seen prices so much lower then I paid. but most of these review are old old . has anyone stayed there lately and can make me feel a little bit better about spending all this money.

Any info will help