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Thread: Secrets Resort @ Baby Beach, construction halted for 90 days

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    Secrets Resort @ Baby Beach, construction halted for 90 days

    In a nutshell, there are some issues that the courts and that the government of Aruba have to figure out.
    Here is the news article from the noticia aruba newspaper.

    Construction has been suspended for 90 days til the issues are rectified.

    Here is the article
    Gobierno tin tres luna pa contesta keho contra construccion di Secrets Hotel

    Posted on 02/10/2022 10:31 am AST | Updated on 02/10/2022 10:36 am AST
    ORANJESTAD – Gobierno tin 3 luna tempo pa contesta 2 miembro (di 10) di e grupo di Seroe Colorado cu a protesta contra e construccion di hotel Secrets. Asina e sentencia dicta diamars pa hues ta mustra. Noticiacla a raporta caba riba e decision pa para tur trabou di construccion, pendiente e decision di gobiernbo, pero ainda no tabatin e sentencia. E sentencia mientrastanto ta mustra e detayenan specifico y motivacion di hues di LAR.
    E unico dos personanan di e grupo di 10 cu si a haya rason, ta pasobra primorcialmente nan residencia (percela) ta esunan mas cerca di e area di construccion. Mayoria di e ponencianan cu gobierno a trece, a keda rechasa pa e hues di LAR, unda cu ta mustra cu gobierno no a cumpli cu peticionan haci den margen di tempo y ademas, e loke cu nan por a haya (e 2 personanan en cuestion), ta mustra claramente cu e trabounan ta viola e regla y ley segun e asina yama ROPV, cu ta stipula kico por y no por den e area aki. Entre e puntonan, cu e construccion ta birando mas grandi cu originalmente ta papia di dje, (900 camber enbez di 600), y cu e haltura tambe ta contra e regla stipula originalmente. Hues den e sentencia ta para tur trabou, y ta duna e minister di infrastructura y medio ambiente, e tempo di 3 luna pa dicidi riba e obhecion cu e dos ciudadanonan aki a presenta contra e proyecto. Click AKI pa e sentencia di e caso.

    The translation that I received:

    The government has 3 months to answer the questions of 2 of the 10 people who complaint against the construction of the Secrets Resort in Sero Colorado. All other claims were dismissed by the judge as the 2 were clearly negatively affected by the construction. The claims is that the initial agreement was for a hotel of 600 rooms, now going to be 900 as well as the hotel being built taller/higher than originally agreed upon (based on zoning restrictions). So now the judge has provided the government 3 months in order to provide additional information.
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    Looks like the island will sink soon. Alot of construction going on everywhere.
    Sean and Susan
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