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Thread: service dogs

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    service dogs

    i had a message this morning from a brand new forum member who has not yet had their membership processed, therefore cannot post yet.

    she has a medical condition and has a service dog, with all of the appropriate certificates/paperwork necessary.

    she is concerned that her resort will disallow her, although on the confirmation she would be bringing her service dog and it states clearly that service animals are welcomed .

    i called the resort on her behalf and spoke with the GM. He assured me that service animals with proper identification and certifications are welcomed, but those that do not appear to have the correct paperwork will not be allowed onto the property.

    rule abuser: a few years ago a woman brought her "service dog" to lacabana. she posted photos of it on in a tube in the ocean, dog on the bed, dog on the kitchen counter.........all in various forms of cute doggy resort wear. lacabana removed her and her 4 legged princess from the property

    have any of you brought a service dog to aruba? have you seen any there?
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    The Surf Club Facebook page has been buzzing about "service" dogs lately. The dogs do appear to be allowed there. There are also some differences between a true service dog versus a therapy dog, also sometimes called a comfort dog. The therapy dog certification seems to be easier to obtain and think there are people taking advantage of the system.
    I have dog allergies. I am fully supportive of some of the amazing things that these dogs can do for people, but at the same time if I am put in a room that has left over pet dander, it will really put a damper on my trip.
    I hope that resorts and hotels will consider this and make some rooms completely pet free.
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    Always planning our next trip
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    I agree with Tracy; some dogs have lots of dander; and do their business on the floor
    Do agree if you really truly need a "service" dog that is fine; but some people have them for anxiety, depression, and other aliments.
    See people with these service dogs that they get a certificate on line.... and wheel them in a stroller around the stores and etc.
    Some travel with them on cruises and leave them in their cabins or in hotels.. how can they be a service dog??
    Most "real" service dogs will end up costing $$$.. I really love my fur babies, but when I go on vacation they stay home with extra treats, good care and in their own home and if they do get sick they will go to their own vet who knows them well.
    Some hotels charge daily fee's for pets..

    People don't realize if your animal gets sick, and can from flying, cruising and etc... you go to the vet, are you going to be able to take them back home?
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